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Colleen Heinkel, PhD

Colleen Heinkel, PhD

Assistant Professor


  • Medical College of Wisconsin
    Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

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Dr. Heinkel serves as psychology preceptor for the MCW/VA Advanced Fellowship in Women’s Health, dedicated to mentoring integrated teams in collaborative care and women’s health. (For more information about the fellowship: Advanced Fellowship in Women's Health). As a former scientist at the UW-Madison’s Center for Health Enhancement Support Systems (CHESS), her work has focused on translational research combining evidence-based clinical practices and technology to improve the lives of persons facing chronic, serious and/or terminal illness, and their families who care for them. Areas of interest include psychological trauma and loss, behavioral medicine and integrative approaches to wellness, and the clinical science of resiliency.

Dr. Heinkel also serves at the Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center as a licensed clinical psychologist, smoking cessation lead clinician, and as a member of their Health Promotion Disease Prevention Committee. She is the primary staff psychologist at the V.A.’s Women’s Resource Center and Women’s Health Clinic, focusing on women’s health and behavioral medicine, evidence-based approaches for the treatment of PTSD, military sexual trauma and loss, technology outreach, and resilience-based wellness models to help patients manage mood dysregulation, and improve chronic disease self-management. She is a certified trauma and disaster psychologist for the American Red Cross. She has served as adjunct faculty for Marquette University, and also enjoys an active mentoring program at the VAMC.