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Ciara Beckers

Ciara Beckers, MBA

Program Manager for Experiential Education


  • MCW Pharmacy School
    HRC H2600

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MBA, Lubar School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI
BS, Health Care Administration, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI


Ciara Beckers. MBA joined the Pharmacy School in August 2016. Ms. Beckers will be working with the Pharmacy School’s retail and hospital partners to establish rotational sites for students. She will also be working with Pharmacy School students to obtain rotational sites and ensure adherence to all learning objectives. Prior to joining the Pharmacy School, Ms. Beckers worked in the Office of Faculty Affairs at MCW, coordinating the recruitment of senior faculty leaders, including the Founding Dean of MCW’s Pharmacy School. Ms. Beckers also spent five years as a pharmacy technician, where she interacted with pharmacy students almost every day. Ms. Beckers earned her bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration as well as her Master’s Degree in Business Administration, from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

My five years of pharmacy technician experience has given me the opportunity to see many different styles of pharmacy practice education in both the retail and hospital environments. My knowledge of pharmacy practice will help our students to be successful at their practice locations, as well as encourage our preceptors to teach and utilize our students in new and innovative ways.

Ciara Beckers