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The Cardiovascular Center (CVC), founded in 1992 at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), is at the forefront of scientific discovery and innovative clinical care. Over 35,000 square feet of space is dedicated to the center’s laboratories, offices, conference rooms, and equipment cores. The CVC is staffed by full- and part-time personnel who maintain core equipment, coordinate academic research, funding, and community outreach initiatives, and provide support to the more than 130 CVC members from 21 departments and institutes on the Milwaukee Regional Medical Campus.

The CVC's mission is to improve cardiovascular health in southeast Wisconsin and beyond through cutting-edge research, cost-efficient and high-quality healthcare delivery, rigorous training of the next generation of cardiovascular scientists, and engaging the community to eliminate disparities in health outcomes.

Ivor Benjamin, MDIvor Benjamin, MD

I'd like to welcome you to the Cardiovascular Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin. The CVC is committed to becoming the premier integrated basic and translational academic organization in Southeast Wisconsin and beyond.

As the CVC celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, the potential for team science and collaboration is stronger than ever. Through strong institutional resources and leadership, a growing staff, and outstanding basic and translational researchers, we look forward to the opportunities to come.

At the CVC, an emphasis is placed on collaborative, multidisciplinary research at basic, clinical, and community/population levels centered around our faculty's expertise in thematic areas of research called Signature Programs and Affinity Groups.

CVC Tissue Bank

The Cardiovascular Tissue Bank (CTB), in partnership with the MCW Tissue Bank, provides unified cross-disciplinary support for acquisition and distribution of cardiovascular tissue.

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T32 Postdoctoral Training Grant

A unique postdoctoral fellowship to train the next generation of cardiovascular scientists by incorporating broad-based, personalized, supportive, and rigorous training opportunities.

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Signature Programs & Affinity Groups

Signature Programs and Affinity Groups of the CVC are designed to organize collaborative networks and to promote interactions among investigators with common and disease-oriented research interests.

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The CVC is directed by Ivor Benjamin, MD, Professor of Medicine at MCW and Froedtert Hospital, who has over 25 years of experience and expertise leading cardiovascular clinical and research programs. David Gutterman, MD, the Senior Associate Director of the CVC and Northwestern Mutual Professor in Cardiology, also brings more than 25 years of experience including eight years as Senior Associate Dean for Research with broad responsibility over basic, clinical, and population/outcomes research development and infrastructure. Moreover, as a green center, the CVC is also guided by an external scientific advisory board, internal scientific advisory board, institutional leadership, and a CVC board.

Along with its exceptional leadership, the CVC receives extensive institutional support in addition to a recent $4 million grant from the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Research and Educational Endowment Program, and from philanthropic gifts by the A. O. Smith Foundation, the Michael H. Keelan, Jr., MD, Cardiovascular Research Fund through the Greater Milwaukee Foundation, and the Cullen Family Healthy Heart Research Program, among others.

The CVC offers its primary members and their trainees access to core facilities including microscopy, imaging, other core equipment, free biostatistical support, a quarterly newsletter, conference rooms for meetings and presentations, eligibility for CVC pilot grant awards, and promotion and sponsorship of the CVC Seminar Series and the Lunch and Learn Seminar Series, which are held on an almost weekly basis during the regular school year in the CVC’s main conference room on the fourth floor of the Health Research Center building.

Last year, the members of the CVC were awarded more than $43.5 million in total funding, with $21.3 million being funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute of the National Institutes of Health. More than 50 trainees were mentored and 340 scientific articles were published in peer-reviewed journals.

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