MCW Center for Microbiome Research


The mission of the Medical College of Wisconsin Center for Microbiome Research (CMR) is to facilitate collaborative translational and basic research on the microbiome, to provide specialized resources for planned and existing research, and to promote education on the microbiome and its impact on human health.

Center for Microbiome Research

A microbiome is defined as the totality of microorganisms and their collective genetic material present in or on the human body or in another environment. This ecological community consists of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeasts, and protozoa. Each body site has a distinct microbiome, but the vast majority of the microbiota reside in the GI tract. The precise composition of a physiological microbiome is affected by host diet, age, genetics, exposure to drugs, and other environmental factors. Disrupted microbiomes have been correlated with a number of disease states including obesity, diabetes, asthma, eczema, heart disease, celiac disease, colitis, neuropsychiatric disorders, and some cancers.

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AALAS Webinar "Microbiota of Laboratory Animals: An Emerging Frontier" Aug. 15

08-15-20189:00 AM  - 10:30 AMMedical College of Wisconsin, Translational Biomedical Research Center, C3195

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