Drug Discovery Center

The primary focus of the Drug Discovery Center is to facilitate and accelerate drug discovery and the translation of new basic discoveries into therapies to improve human health. Research expertise in the Center will provide resources, knowledge, and services to complete the drug development process from target validation, drug design, and drug delivery to clinical application.

What We Do

  • Expert advice and assistance with moving from the test tube & cell based systems to animal models of disease.
  • Expert advise and assistance with preclinical animal models of disease.
  • Conduct non-GLP pharmacokinetic and toxicity studies.




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Building a Chemical Synthesis Facility

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  Lead Therapeutic Design

Lead Therapeutic Design will encompass design and synthesize of drug molecules for chemical and biological characterization. Medicinal chemistry and computer-assisted molecular design along with state-of-the-art synthetic approaches will provide novel drug molecules. Novel approaches will be utilized to develop genetic therapies, as well as, peptide and antibody based therapies.

Current Project
Peptoid library synthesis for selected protein targets

Peptoid library synthesis for selected protein targets

  Preclinical Testing

The Preclinical Testing will involve assessment of novel drug molecules including genetic, peptide, and antibody-based therapies in cell-based and animal disease models. Expertise in cardiovascular disease, cancer, neuroscience, and infectious diseases will provide advice and assistance with evaluating novel drugs and therapeutic approaches.

Current Projects

  • Evaluating two novel small molecules in kidney and cardiovascular diseases
  • Evaluating novel small molecules in inflammatory disease
  • Based on preclinical data in cancer disease models we are providing advice and assistance with going forward with repositioning a drug for clinical trials

Pharmacology and Toxicology preclinical testing

  Pharmaceutical Optimization

The Pharmaceutical Optimization will include the evaluation of pharmacokinetic properties and potential toxicity of drug candidates. Biological fluid analysis will quantify drug concentrations using standard assay techniques and state-of the-art mass spectrometry. Biomarker identification will validate and quantify biomarkers for target engagement, proof-of concept, efficacy and safety. This information will be used to refine the pharmaceutical properties of drug molecules and facilitate optimization of the drug candidates.

Current Projects

  • Determining pharmacokinetic profile of novel small molecule targeting arachidonic acid pathway
  • Determining ability of a novel small molecule to cross the blood brain barrier

Pharmacology and Toxicology pharmaceutical optimization

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To learn more about the Drug Discovery Center, please contact:

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John D. Imig, PhD

Pharmacology and Toxicology
Drug Discovery Center

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