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Alex Nielsen, MD
Alex Nielson, MD

Alex Nielsen, MD

PGY-IV Orthopaedic Surgery Resident


Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin


Why I chose MCW: I went to medical school at MCW and was familiar with the program before I rotated. I felt the medical school developed strong students and found the same to be true for the orthopedic residents. I was impressed by the capabilities of the seniors when I rotated. Ultimately, it is the people at MCW that make this program stand out. 

What MCW has to offer a candidate?  MCW offers well-rounded training and really focuses on developing us as surgeons in all aspects without sacrificing quality of life. The program is also incredibly responsive to resident needs. 

What I like about living in Milwaukee: Milwaukee offers the pros of a major city without the cons. Any activity you're interested in can usually be found within a 20 minute drive. There are many seasonal activities and plenty of outdoor areas to explore. The food in Milwaukee is also a huge plus with a wide variety of restaurants.