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Institute for Health & Equity

Building Healthier Communities

The Institute for Health & Equity is focused on researching the root causes of health disparities in our communities, and advancing the best ideas to foster health equity throughout the world. We target populations with abnormally high rates of disease and injury – urban and rural alike – and then we find out why. Partnering with community health collaborators who live and work closest to the most vulnerable populations, we are making an impact on reducing those disparities, one community at a time.


Center for Bioethics and Medical Humanities

Exploring the challenging ethical questions that accompany scientific advances and changes in our healthcare delivery system.

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Data Collection

Division of Biostatistics

Conducting methodological research and statistical consulting services to enhance understanding of disease and health risks.

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Community Market

Division of Community Health

Improving the health outcomes of our communities and reducing inequities among vulnerable populations.

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Hands of the world

Division of Epidemiology

Studying and analyzing the incidence, causes and effects of health and disease in defined communities.

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Collaboration and Partnership

Graduate Education

Advance your career with our exciting PhD and Master’s degree programs in Bioethics, Biostatistics and Population Health, as well as medical education pathways and certificate programs.

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Biostatistics Consulting Service
The Biostatistics Consulting Service provides comprehensive statistical consulting to clients both within and outside of MCW.

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Epidemiology Data Resource Center | Consulting Services
The Epidemiology Data Resource Center provides health and epidemiology data services for MCW and MCW-affiliated researchers.

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Partnership with IHE
We partner with numerous clinicians, researchers and university faculty to advance our community health objectives. New collaborations and partnerships are always welcome.

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