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Karina Bursch

Karina Bursch

Karina Bursch

M1 Student


  • Medical Scientist Training Program

Contact Information


BS, Biochemistry, The Catholic University of America, 2019

Research Interests

Cancer Biology, Immunology, Biochemistry

Research Experience

The Catholic University of America, January 2017- May 2019
Advisor: Byung Min (Justin) Chung, PhD
Project: Elucidating the role of Keratin 19 (K19) in the proliferation and migration of MCF7 breast cancer cells.

MD Anderson Cancer Center, June 2018-August 2018
Advisor: Powel Brown, MD, PhD
Project: Determining the effect of the rexinoid IRX 4204 on the proliferation of a panel of breast cancer cell lines.

University of Minnesota, June 2017-August 2017
Advisor: Gregory Vercellotti, MD, FACP
Project: Characterizing the heme binding site on the MD-2/TLR4 transmembrane protein complex.

General Interests

Playing cello and piano, traveling, running, and baking