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Ross Collery, PhD

Ross Collery

Ross Collery, PhD

Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences Assistant Professor of Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy


  • Medical College of Wisconsin Eye Institute
  • 925 N. 87 St. Room 827
    Milwaukee, WI 53226

Contact Information



BA (Mod), Genetics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
MSc, Molecular Genetics, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
PhD, Conway Institute of Biomolecular and Biomedical Research, University College Dublin, Ireland

Research Interests

  • retinoids (vitamin A derivatives)
  • ocular signaling
  • bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs)

Research Summary

I am interested in how retinoids (vitamin A derivatives) participate in signaling between different cells and tissues in the eye. This signaling helps to control the size and shape of the eye, affecting its refractive state (nearsighted, farsighted or normal vision). Importantly, the size and shape of the eye can also affect the health of the retina, and poorly controlled eye size can lead to blinding conditions such as retinal detachment. I am also interested in other molecules and signaling pathways that control eye size, such as bone morphogenic proteins (BMPs).