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Samuel Hernandez

Samuel Hernandez

Samuel Hernandez

M2 Student


  • Medical Scientist Training Program

Contact Information


BA, Biochemistry, Knox College, 2019

Research Interests

Epigenetics, Developmental Biology, 'Omics, Space

Research Experience

National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD), NIH, 2019-2021
Advisors: Dr. Zhenyu Zuo, PhD & Dr. Pedro Rocha, PhD
Projects: 1) A CRISPR genome wide screen to discover regulators of enhancer-promoter interactions; 2) Investigating the direct effect of CTCF on gene regulation through random integrations

University of Zurich, 2018
Advisor: Dr. Caroline Ospelt, MD/PhD
Project: Development of rheumatoid arthritis: HOXD gene expression within joint-specific fibroblasts

Weill Cornell Medical College, 2018
Advisors: Dr. Jonathan Foox, PhD & Dr. Christopher Mason, PhD
Project: Modeling epigenetic heterogeneity and age for clinical and forensic testing

General Interests

Running, traveling, trying new restaurants, and live music