Medical College of Wisconsin Anesthesiology Residency Program - Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

The Medical College of Wisconsin’s Department of Anesthesiology Residency Program is committed to developing consultant-level physician anesthesiologists who:

  • Are dedicated to providing the highest-quality patient care that is compassionate, respectful and efficient
  • Are clinical leaders who promote a culture of teamwork, collaboration and diversity across specialties and roles within the healthcare environment
  • Will endeavor to be lifelong learners and educators – pursuing the most recent knowledge and research in the field of anesthesiology, and fostering environments of curiosity, communication and professional development
  • Will consistently embrace innovation and technology with the goal of continuously improving the quality and standard of care
  • Will be committed to supporting the wellness and balanced personal/professional lives not only for themselves, but also for their colleagues
  • Will work to build trust within the communities that they serve by supporting the health care needs of all its people, including diverse and underserved populations.

Vision Statement

The Medical College of Wisconsin’s Department of Anesthesiology Residency Program will continuously strive to:

  • Value diversity, collaboration, selflessness, stability and professionalism
  • Be more than just a training program – ensure that we provide a learning setting in which our residents feel engaged, included and supported during and beyond their residency
  • Engage our attending faculty in the education, mentoring and well-being of our residents
  • Evolve to meet the needs of our learners by being innovative and adaptive to new educational techniques and technologies
  • Be a leader locally, regionally and nationally in education, research and patient care
  • Reach out to, connect with and collaborate with our program’s alumni and our community
  • Cultivate a positive program culture in which residents are valued and supported in both their professional and personal growth; where they are shown compassion and empathy, and where their well-being is a priority.