Swapnil Waghmare, PhD

Swapnil Gorakh Waghmare, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Faculty Advisor

  • Lezi E, PhD


  • Neuroscience Research Center (NRC)

Contact Information


PhD, Fisheries, University of South Bohemia, Faculty of Fisheries and Protection of Waters, FFPW USB, Vodňany, Czech Republic, 2022
MSc, Agricultural Biotechnology , Kerala Agricultural University, Centre for plant biotechnology and molecular biology, Kerala, India, 2017
BSc, Agricultural Biotechnology, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth, VSBT College of Agricultural Biotechnology, Maharashtra, India, 2015

Research Interests

I have been using molecular biology techniques to investigate the mechanisms behind ageing. My doctoral thesis was focused on post-ovulatory oocyte ageing and histone modifications. I have five-year of experience working with a model organism, zebrafish (Danio rerio).

Currently, I am working on neurodegeneration and ageing using Caenorhabditis elegans as a model organism. We are utilising a genome-wide RNAi screen to explore the upstream mechanisms that regulate the age-dependent increase of a neurodegeneration-inducing antimicrobial peptide.