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About the Center

We work with Evidence, for Equity.

MCW’s Center for the Advancement of Women in Science and Medicine is built on the collective work of women and men over the past thirty years. Notably, women founded the Women’s Faculty Council (now the Council for Women’s Advocacy) in the early 1990s with a mission to identify and examine issues pertinent to women faculty members and to recommend measures that support and enhance their professional development. Their work has resulted in development of institutional policy on full professional effort, salary equity report, back-up care benefits, grants to examine gender in promotion and retention, and the creation of an Associate Dean for Women’s Leadership in 2013.

We began our discovery phase in the fall of 2016 to solidify the Center’s vision, mission and strategic plan in collaboration with MCW’s strategic goals. Our discovery phase took on a new approach to achieve gender equity. MCW’s Center for the Advancement of Women in Science and Medicine launched in October 2018. Our vision is that MCW will be a destination for women leaders, cultivating an inclusive and vibrant culture that supports all genders to grow and thrive in the health sciences. Our mission to advance the careers of women at MCW through data-informed strategic projects that enhance opportunity and improve workplace climate.

We hope to be part of building a future where women professors are too numerous to count!

Joseph E. Kerschner, MD, executive vice president and dean of the Medical School


Applauding Women at MCW

Women’s leadership at MCW matters. In 2017, we recognized more than 70 full professor level female faculty in a pinning ceremony held at MCW.

Analyzing Evidence for Gender Equity

We promote publications on women at work, as well as our own research on women seeking promotions and leadership.

Women at Work and Leadership

Men as Allies Toolkit

#MeToo and Harassment at Work

Advancing Women at MCW

We offer programming, fellowship, training and award opportunities for women in Academic Medicine.

ELAM Program
The (ELAM) Program is the only in-depth national program dedicated to preparing senior women faculty at schools of medicine, dentistry, and public health to effect sustained positive change as institutional leaders.

Rising Pioneer Award
The Rising Pioneer Award is given annually to honor a Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) female, non-binary or genderqueer faculty member who is in the rising stage of their research trajectory.

Woman Pioneer in Research Award
The Woman Pioneer in Research Award is given annually to honor and recognize an established Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) female, non-binary or genderqueer faculty member for outstanding, internationally recognized basic science, translational, clinical, educational, or community research.

Women's Leadership Groups

We encourage you to learn more about women’s leadership groups at MCW.

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