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The Data Science Institute is focused on advancing data science across MCW and with our health system partners. Our ultimate goal is to excel in data science and informatics to become a prominent leader nationally and worldwide by developing innovative data science approaches and integrating them into the four pillars of MCW. Dr. William R. Hogan is the director and professor of the DSI. Biostatistics is a division of the Data Science Institute with Dr. Brent Logan as director.
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The mission of the Data Science Institute (DSI) is to advance data science as a unique scientific discipline while actively supporting research across MCW. Leveraging the extensive expertise within MCW and our health system partners in fields such as bioinformatics, medical informatics, genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, large database analyses, biostatistics, geospatial analysis, and artificial intelligence, the DSI seeks to foster innovation and collaboration.


The DSI is committed to advancing the educational mission by creating training and professional development opportunities, including the establishment of degree programs, and hosting various seminar series, workshops, hackathons, and more. As our institute grows, we aspire to offer diverse software and data engineering services and educational programs to benefit our community.

Goals of the Data Science Institute


Create data science innovations
Generate synergistic research


Build the data science workforce
Foster a data-driven culture


Uplift the community
Serve the region
Data Collection

Division of Biostatistics

The DSI's Division of Biostatistics conducts methodological research and statistical consulting services to enhance understanding of disease and health risks.

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Faculty and Staff

The Faculty and Staff at the Data Science Institute is comprised of passionate individuals dedicated to advancing healthcare through the application of data science and technology.

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Data Science Institute
TBRC 4th Floor, Suite 4150
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Division of Biostatistics
8701 Watertown Plank Rd.
Medical Education Building
MEB M1400
Milwaukee, WI 53226
(414) 955-8280
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