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Welcome to the Grants & Contracts Office

The Grants & Contracts Office, or GCO, supports MCW investigators and research staff in submitting competitive, compliant, and high- quality funding proposals.

The Grants & Contracts Office website is now on InfoScope (intranet access required):

The intranet site is currently accessible to anyone with MCW credentials. Grant deadlines have been updated through 2019. This public website will remain active, although the content will be reduced throughout February, 2019. 

  • Institutional Info

    MCW info, including Fringe Rates and F&A rates. 

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  • GCO Contacts

    Contact & location details for all GCO analysts & staff. 

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  • Forms

    All GCO forms, including registration, cost sharing, and account access.  

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  • Deadline Calendar

    NIH & other sponsored deadlines with respective GCO deadlines. 

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(414) 955-8563 |
All GCO Contacts
Drop-off & Pickup: 3rd Floor MACC, #3080
MCW_GCO on Twitter

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