Precision Medicine Master of Science Degree & Certificate Program

The Institute for Health & Equity in partnership with the Genomic Sciences & Precision Medicine Center is excited to formally introduce the new Precision Medicine Master of Science degree and certificate program (PM Ed) offered at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW).

The synergic PM Ed program will provide innovative training to clinicians to diagnose, treat and prevent disease by accounting for individual variation in genes, environment and lifestyle to meet the upsurge in Precision Medicine patient care needs.

The PM Ed program has over 18 Course Directors, including 11 physicians, who will lead the courses as they relate to their specialized areas of research and clinical expertise within Precision Medicine. Learners will be able to customize their educational experience by choosing elective courses to best meet their needs and working with faculty who share similar research interests.

Additionally, the Precision Medicine program offers a flexible schedule for busy clinicians, meeting for 8 in-person class sessions every other week over a 16-week course period. By 2023, all courses will be converted to an all-online format, allowing physicians, pharmacists, genetic counselors, and other clinicians across the US the opportunity to enroll in this interdisciplinary program. Further, students have the option to complete their MS degree or certificate as a full or part-time student with the expectation that many learners will be working professionals.

The Precision Medicine program is now accepting applications. Visit our application portal to begin an application.

The priority deadline for the Fall 2021 semester is April 1st with a final deadline of July 1st. For more information visit our website and check out our flyer!

For any questions, contact Education Program Coordinator: Kellie LeGrave or (414) 955-4139.