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Proxy Server Bookmarklet

When trying to get access to an MCW Libraries' resource from off-network, it's best to use the library's web page in order to connect to our resources. Click on the links from within our site and if the resource is only accessible to authorized users, you'll be prompted to log into the library's proxy server with your credentials.

But, we realize that you will not always find resources via the library's web page. If you are at a publisher's site and are blocked from accessing content you know the library subscribes to, click the proxy server bookmarklet installed on your toolbar or in your bookmarks menu. You will be prompted to log into the MCW Libraries proxy server, and after successfully doing so you will get immediate access to the resource.

Installation Instructions

  1. In Chrome, click Bookmarks->Bookmark Manager.
  2. You should see a new tab with the bookmarks and folders listed.
  3. Right click in the middle of the screen and click "Add Page"
  4. You should see two input fields. ...
    • In the first field, enter: MCW Proxy Bookmarklet
    • In the second field, paste: javascript:void(location.href=''+location.href)
Chrome - mobile Android
  1. Book mark this webpage and note the name of the bookmark (MCW: Proxy Server Bookmarklet).

  2. Delete the URL and replace it with this: javascript:void(location.href=''+location.href)

  3. To use the bookmarklet, while you are the page you would like to access, tap the address bar and start typing the bookmarklet name as it is saved. Tap the bookmarklet link and you will be prompted to log into the proxy server.
    Chrome - Android


Firefox & Safari
  1. Show the Bookmarks Toolbar by right-clicking on an empty section of the Tab Strip and checking Bookmarks Toolbar in the pop-up menu.
  2. Drag the MCW: Proxy Bookmarklet button to your Bookmarks Toolbar. It should appear on the toolbar.

MCW: Proxy Bookmarklet

  1. Right click on this link: MCW: Proxy Bookmarklet.
  2. Click Add to Favorites.
Safari - mobile iOS
  1. In Safari settings, turn on JavaScript and your Favorites Bar.
    Favorites Bar: Go to Settings > Safari > Show Favorites Bar.
    JavaScript: Go to Settings > Safari > Advanced > Slide the button to enable JavaScript.

  2. Bookmark this page by clicking on the action button to the right of the URL The action button looks like a box with a upward pointing arrow.

  3. Edit your bookmarklet by clicking on the open book icon to the left of the URL. Choose MCW: Proxy Server Bookmarklet, remove the link and replace it with this: javascript:void(location.href=''+location.href)

Why is this useful?

Consider this scenario: While Googling on your home computer, you come across an interesting article in The Lancet that you would like to read, but since you are not connected to your institutional staff network, the website is not letting you access the article. Clicking on the MCW Proxy Bookmarklet link in your list of bookmarks will reload the page prompting you to connect to the MCW Libraries’ proxy server. After successfully logging in to the proxy server, you will have access to the article.

How does it work?

Many online resources require subscriptions to get access. If you are connected to the MCW, Children's Wisconsin, or Froedtert Health network, access to MCW Libraries' resources is seamless since you are usually authenticated by IP address.

If you are not on your institutional network, logging on to the MCW Libraries' proxy server and using the links on the library’s website grants you access to the MCW Libraries resources.

However, if you are not on your institutional network and you connect directly to a subscription website, like UpToDate or JAMA, you are likely clicking links that do not have a proxied URL. To get your browser to route you through the MCW Libraries' proxy server, install the MCW: Proxy Server Bookmarklet. Instructions for each browser are listed above.

Now, when you're on a web page that you would have access to while on the MCW network, clicking this button will automatically reload the web page with a proxied URL. After logging onto the proxy server, you should have immediate access to the resource.

Things to keep in mind

While this will work for the vast majority of e-journals and e-books, there are a few resources that require a more intricate set-up to enable proxy access. Please refer to the library catalog or the All Databases page for the definitive proxy URL if the bookmarklet does not work for off-campus users.

Please note that the bookmarklet will not work for websites that MCW Libraries does not subscribe to. If you click this button and MCW Libraries does not have a subscription to the resource or webpage you may see an error message.

Let us know if you have any difficulties with this!