Liliana Pezzin, PhD, JD

Liliana E. Pezzin, PhD, JD

Professor, Institute for Health & Equity; Executive Director, Collaborative for Healthcare Delivery Science


  • General Internal Medicine

Contact Information


Dr. Pezzin is a Professor in the Department of Medicine and in the Center for Advancing Population Science at the Medical College of Wisconsin. She is an economist specializing in applied econometrics and public finance.

Research Interests

Much of Dr. Pezzin’s research effort focuses on issues related to long-term care, aging and disability, with special emphasis on the interplay between public policy and family behavior. She recently concluded work as principal investigator on an NIA-funded grant examining the relationship between state long-term care policies and living and care arrangements of elderly persons, and as the co-principal investigator on another NIA-funded study developing game theoretical models of family long-term care decisions.

Her outcomes research portfolio includes analyses of the effects of patterns of breast cancer care on disease recurrence, mortality, quality of life and economic well-being; analyses of the relationship between guideline adherence, processes of care and outcomes in electrodiagnostic medicine; and two randomized controlled trials of behavioral interventions designed to (i) improve blood pressure control and (ii) self-management and reduce adverse events secondary to complex medication regimens among home health patients. Dr. Pezzin's research projects are funded by NCI, VA-HSR&D, NHLBI and AHRQ, respectively.