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Medical College of Wisconsin Adolescent Medicine Program

Adolescents have diverse health needs including those related to their physical development, nutrition, body image, emotional well-being and psychosocial health. Given the challenges of this developmental stage and issues relating to struggles for independence, peer influence, and propensity to risk taking specialized approaches are needed given that adolescents often underutilize health services and the leading causes of death for adolescents is related to unintentional and intentional injuries.

Our Adolescent Medicine Program seeks to provide outstanding clinical care to patients, training to healthcare providers including our medical students and pediatric house staff, and to have a research focus into the behavioral impact of this period of life. We also seek to serve as source of information for the community and parents regarding youth development through advocacy, communication and dissemination of knowledge.

We realize our strength is tied to ongoing collaboration with existing providers at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Children's Wisconsin and the larger community, as well as communities, schools, parents and other groups who continue to advocate for the health and success of our young people.

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