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Drug Discovery Center

The primary focus of the Drug Discovery Center is to facilitate and accelerate drug discovery and the translation of new basic discoveries into therapies to improve human health. Research expertise at the center will provide resources, knowledge, and services to complete the drug development process from target validation, drug design, and drug delivery to clinical application. 


Core Services

  • Discovery to Clinic
  • Collaborations
  • Funding opportunity guidance
  • Non-GLP PK and Tox studies

Signature Program

TAP Investigator Assistance
  • TAP allows greater flexibility in the assessment of the starting points as well as allocation of resources for desired outcome.
  • TAP is a virtual therapeutic innovation center with no direct investment for infrastructure, staff or expensive equipment. It leverages the existing MCW and CTSI core laboratories, faculty, departments and center expertise.
  • TAP allows for efficient use of existing resources and funds to move therapeutic and drug development projects forward.
  • TAP also nurtures collaboration with research institution of SE-Wisconsin region.

TAP Investigator Assistance

TAP Application Process

Simple One Page Proposal
The investigators submits one page proposal describing how the technology could be a therapeutic.

Two step review process

  1. Review of the proposals by eminent review panel from MCW
  2. Presentation and discussion round with the Advisory Committee

Opportunity to present and discuss with experts
This is an unique opportunity to get first hand critique of your technology as a therapeutic. The seasoned experts share their knowledge and experiences to meet diverse challenges you may face.

A fast and short process: Application through execution of project (2- 6 months).

TAP Application Process

TAP Resources
  • A group of experienced and seasoned experts
  • MCW-Departments and Centers
  • Office of Technology Development
  • MCW School of Pharmacy
  • Core facilities

PAST TAP Projects

Therapeutic Accelerator Program (TAP) Funds Three Projects to Facilitate Drug Discovery


Andreas Beyer, PhD

Associate Professor


Abhay Singh Chauhan, PhD, MPharm, BPharm

Associate Professor Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences


John A. Auchampach, PhD

Professor and Vice-Chair

Projects target the prevention & treatment of chronic pain, cardiovascular damage resulting from cancer treatment & aging. Dr. Beyer’s project is made possible by the MCW Cardiovascular Center by the generous support of the Smith Family.

The three funded projects target the prevention & treatment of chronic pain, cardiovascular damage, and aging.

Contact: Ranjit Verma, PhD | | (414) 955-5743