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Hubert V. Forster, PhD

Hubert V. Forster, PhD



  • Physiology

Contact Information


PhD, Physical Education, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1969
MS, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 1965
BS, Social Sciences, Wisconsin State College, 1962

Research Interests

Genetics and Genomics  |  Neurophysiology  |  Respiratory Physiology

Research in my laboratory is primarily concerned with mechanisms regulating breathing. Our major studies involve implantation of microtubules into the medulla, pons or cerebellum of adult goats. Approximately three weeks later, when the goats have recovered from the surgery, we utilize the tubules to insert a dialysis probe to create a focal acidosis or focal hypoxia. Acid or PO 2 sensitive electrodes are also inserted to measure the changes in pH and PO 2 . In other studies, we inject agonist or antagonists of receptors or neurotoxins to create reversible or permanent neuronal dysfunction. Breathing, respiratory muscle activity, heart rate and arterial blood pressure are continuously measured in all studies, which are completed in awake or asleep states. These studies provide insights into sites in the brain, and mechanisms of respiratory rhythm and pattern generation and intracranial chemoreception during normal conditions and during exercise, or when O 2 and CO 2 levels change in the brain. We have completed other studies on piglets to gain insight into factors influencing the maturation of breathing. Finally, we have performed studies on rats that focus on elucidating genes that contribute to the control of breathing. All these studies relate primarily to disease conditions of central and obstructive sleep apnea, Sudden Infant Death syndrome, congenital central alveolar hypoventilation, and traumatic brainstem injury.