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Pablo Nakagawa, PhD

Pablo Nakagawa, PhD

Assistant Professor

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Dr. Nakagawa received his Master of Science in clinical biochemistry and biotechnology at the University of Buenos Aires in 2008. He received his doctorate in physiology in 2014 in the laboratory of Oscar Carretero, MD, a senior staff scientist in the Division of Hypertension and Vascular Research at Henry Ford Health Systems in Detroit.

His primary mentor is Curt Sigmund, PhD, the James J. Smith & Catherine Welsch Smith Professor of Physiology, chair of physiology, and associate director of the Cardiovascular Center at MCW, and member of the Cardiovascular Center’s Hypertension Signature Program. With expertise from his doctoral studies in the renin-angiotensin system, Dr. Nakagawa’s postdoctoral training will expand scientific knowledge about the treatment of high blood pressure by understanding how the brain renin-angiotensin system regulates cardiovascular and metabolic function using a unique mouse model developed in Dr. Sigmund's laboratory.

“I am confident that my training at the Medical College of Wisconsin will provide me with an outstanding environment to develop cutting-edge research skills required to work at the front line of modern cellular and molecular physiology,” Dr. Nakagawa said.

Please see the Nakagawa lab website for additional information about our group and research.