Redox Biology Program

Redox Biology Program

The Redox Biology Program represents a broad, interdisciplinary group of researchers. Our mission is to foster communication and an exchange of expertise among clinicians and basic science researchers in the spirit of collaborative research.

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The Redox Biology Program provides training for students, who are the medical and science leaders of tomorrow. In addition, it is committed to delivering high-quality education events for busy physicians and scientific investigators.

To this end, the Redox Biology Program sponsors special seminars, weekly journal clubs and monthly work-in-progress sessions. It also schedules daylong symposia. The Redox Biology Program recruits renowned international and national speakers, who present on the latest findings in their fields. In this way, it creates a strong platform for professional development.

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Numerous physicians and scientists are solving redox biology research problems at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Indeed, these individuals have created a treasure trove of innovative ideas.

The college leadership established the Redox Biology Program to unite these pioneers. Data and novel hypotheses resulting from interdisciplinary collaboration will yield published manuscripts, funded grant proposals and course curricula.

All of the redox biology physicians and scientists are well funded. The Redox Biology Program receives substantial support from the Advancing a Healthier Wisconsin Endowment.

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Physicians and scientists affiliated with the Medical College of Wisconsin Redox Biology Program are capable investigators in a number of fields, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, sickle cell disease, inflammation, infection and immunity, stem cells and regenerative medicine, pathology, cell signaling and nitric oxide and its interactions.

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