MRI Safety Training at the Medical College of Wisconsin

MRI Safety Training Procedure

To begin MRI Safety training, you must have an active eBridge account. If you do not have an active eBridge account, please register for an account.

Initial MRI Safety Training

1. Complete the MRI Safety Training Application

  • Upon submission of the application, you will receive an email with instructions on how to complete the MRI Safety Training Introduction.

2. Complete the Introduction to MRI Safety Training

  • Review the material in the Introduction to MRI Safety Training. 
  • Complete and submit the quiz. Successful completion of the quiz is a score of at least 80%.

3. Enroll in a Virtual MRI Safety Training Session

  • Upon successful completion of the MRI Safety Training Introduction, an email will be sent to you to schedule a Virtual MRI Safety Training Session conducted by our MRI Safety Training team using Microsoft Teams. Please make sure your name and contact information is filled out correctly in the introduction quiz, or a team member will not be able to contact you.
  • Virtual MRI Safety Training Sessions are held twice per month.
  • If the normal scheduled dates or times do not work for you or for additional directions and assistance, please contact a member from the MRI Safety Training team.

4. Complete the Final Exam

  • Upon completion of the Virtual MRI Safety Training, you will be given a link to the Final Exam. 
  • Review the material on the information that was covered in the Introduction and On-Site Session. 
  • Complete and submit the Final Exam. Successful completion of the Final Exam is a score of at least 80%.


Annual Renewal

In order to maintain MRI Safety Training, completion of an Annual Renewal Quiz is required each year. 

Contact Us

Safety Training Questions

MRI Technologists
(414) 955-4074 



Chair, Research MRI Safety Committee: Andrew Nencka, PhD, Associate Professor

Research MRI Safety Committee Office:

Center for Imaging Research (CIR)