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Medical Student Scholarly Project Travel Reimbursement

This travel reimbursement is available to MCW medical students who have been accepted to present their Scholarly Projects at scientific meetings or at venues of scholarly significance. It is intended to give medical students an opportunity to present before an academic audience and to obtain helpful feedback for future progress. The reimbursement can be used to offset such costs as airfare, hotel, meeting registration or per diem expenses.

Please read through each section before completing the application. Applications must be approved prior to travel.

Travel Reimbursement Eligibility

Full-time medical students currently enrolled at MCW-Milwaukee are eligible if they have been accepted to present a platform, workshop, or poster of their Scholarly Project (consistent with their approved Scholarly Project Proposal form).

A student is only eligible to receive travel reimbursement one time within their four years of undergraduate medical education through this program or the Summer Academic program for Medical Students (SAMS).

For projects with multiple student authors, only one student is eligible to receive travel reimbursement funds for each presentation (to travel to only one meeting).

Travel Reimbursement Application & Reimbursement Procedure

The maximum travel reimbursement is $500 and is available on a first-come, first-served basis during a fiscal year (July 1 – June 30).

Please submit your application as soon as you have received acceptance of your participation at the event. Submissions of applications less than three weeks prior to the presentation or after the presentation date will not be approved.

Applications are reviewed by the Director of Scholarly Activities with a review period of up to two weeks.

When completing the application for reimbursement you must submit three attachments:

  1. An official abstract (in Adobe PDF), of the abstract/workshop to be presented.
  2. The official notification of acceptance, showing the title of the accepted abstract and the student's name as presenter or notice recipient.
  3. Letter from mentor (one paragraph is sufficient), message should include:
    • Comment on why student is eligible for the reimbursement and their contribution to the project, and
    • If more than one student qualifies for authorship on the presentation, that the applicant is the only one who should receive travel reimbursement (only one student per presentation is eligible for reimbursement), and
    • Name and email address of mentor’s department staff person who processes travel reimbursements (all travel reimbursements from the Scholarly Project Travel Reimbursement funds are processed by the mentor’s department)
    • Whether the mentor’s department will be providing any funds for the student’s travel, in addition to the (up to) $500 from the Scholarly Project Travel Reimbursement Funds.

View sample mentor letter (PDF)


  • The Mentor’s department will process the reimbursement for actual expenses, up to a maximum of $500 per student, to come from the Scholarly Project Travel Reimbursement funds, in accordance with the MCW travel policy (login required).
  • Reimbursement for travel expenses will be provided after the event.
  • Receipts for transportation, hotel, registration fees, etc. are required in order to receive reimbursement; check with mentor’s department regarding processes and requirements.

Scholarly Activities Travel Reimbursement Request

Any questions about the process or application can be sent to Meaghan Hayes (
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