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Continuing Professional Development

Accredited Continuing Education

As an academic medical center, we have a responsibility to foster and facilitate the lifelong learning of our faculty, our alumni, and our clinical collaborators in care.

Our value proposition:

A CPD system with a clinician learner-driven approach that assists faculty in meaningfully identifying their own personal professional practice gaps and support them in identifying solutions to resolve those gaps; with accountability/transparency through dashboard reporting of strategically-aligned learning matrix that is responsive to system needs, while flexible enough to adapt to the ever changing care environment.

A single-integrated CPD system facilitates a coordinated approach to interprofessional collaboration, systems-thinking, and ultimately improves patient care. This resource would be enhanced with a more streamlined CPD system that would decrease redundancy, lower-costs, and increase accountability.

Be integrated into all aspects of clinical, research, teaching and administrative practice and should be designed as a physician satisfier to support reductions in faculty turnover by enhancing professional development and fostering improvement in organizational culture.