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Maria Poimenidou, Graduate Student

Maria Poimenidou

Graduate Student


  • Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Sciences (IDP)

Contact Information


Mentor: Michael Dwinell, PhD
Year Entered MCW: 2021
Previous Education: B.A. in Biochemistry and Economics; Innovation and Entrepreneurship Concentration, June 2020, Lawrence University—Appleton, WI

Research Interests

My main interests lie in the field of cancer biology and therapeutics development. Previously, I did research in the Priebe Lab at MD Anderson which focused on the design and development of drugs that selectively target DNA and inhibitors of signaling and metabolic pathways important to tumor progression and survival. Currently, in the Dwinell lab, I am working on understanding the mechanism of mitochondria selective inhibitors targeting oxidative phosphorylation and the resulting effects to the immune microenvironment in the context of pancreatic cancer.