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Samuel Bobholz

Samuel Bobholz

Graduate Student


  • Biophysics

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Mentor: Peter S. LaViolette, PhD, MS
Year Entered MCW:
Previous Education:
Neurobiology, Philosophy, and Psychology with a Mathematics Certificate, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Research Interests

My research interests are focused on using machine learning algorithms to derive localized cellular and genetic information from structural magnetic resonance images in patients with brain cancer in order to provide clinicians with an imaging-derived biopsy approximation in vivo. By extracting quantitative radiomic features from the images and examining higher-order relationships between these features and histological features of coregistered post-mortem tissue samples, I hope to shed light on the information structural imaging is able to provide that is not visible to the naked eye.


Bobholz SA, Dabbs K, Almane D, Jones JE, Hsu DE, Stafstrom CE, Seidenberg M, Hermann BP. (2018). Neurobiological Substrates of Processing Speed in Childhood Epilepsy. Brain Imaging Behav.

Garcia-Ramos C, Bobholz S, Dabbs K, Hermann B, Joutsa J, Rinne JO, Karrasch M, Prabhakaran V, Shinnar S, Sillanpaa M. TACOE Study Group. (2017). Brain Structure and Organization Five Decades After Childhood Onset Epilepsy. Human Brain Mapp. 38(6):3289–3299.


Bobholz S, Lowman A, Connelly J, McGarry S, Bukowy J, Nencka A, Barrington A, LaViolette P. Comparison of MRI and Histology Radiomics in Glioblastoma. Presented at American Society of Neuro Radiology Annual Meeting 2019 (oral presentation).

Bobholz S, Lowman A, Connelly J, McGarry S, Bukowy J, Nencka A, Barrington A, LaViolette P. Comparison of MRI Radiomics and Histological Features in Glioblastoma. Presented at American Society of Neuro Radiology Annual Meeting 2019 (oral presentation).

McGarry S, Bukowy J, Iczkowski K, Huang W, Antic T, Paner G, Lowman A, Keuter T, Banerjee A, Barrington A, Bobholz A, Duvnjak P, Griffin M, Hohenwalter M, Jacobsohn K, LaViolette P. The Effects of Ground Truth Variance on Radio-Pathomic Mapping in Prostate Cancer. Presented at International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine Annual Meeting 2019 (digital poster).

Bobholz S, España L, Nencka A, Nelson L, McCrea M, Meier T. Differences in brain age in high school and collegiate athletes based on prior concussion history. Presented at Neurotrauma 2018 (poster).

Jones J, Bobholz S, Dabbs K, Hermann B. Cortical Gyrification & Its Relationship with Comorbidity in Epilepsy. Presented at American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting 2018 (digital poster).

Koltai Attix D, Chakraborty P, Sanchez N, Gualtieri A, Sinha D, Bobholz S, Onuoha E, Vissoci J, Kaddumukassa M, Mayanja K, Fuller T, Kalyegira J, Haglund M. Barriers to Biomedical Care, Beliefs about Epilepsy, and Care Seeking in Uganda: A Quantitative Approach. Presented at Bass Connections Showcase 2018 (poster).
Sanchez N, Koltai Attix D, Mayanja K, Gualtieri A, Chakraborty P, Sinha D, Kalyegira J, Onuoha E, Bobholz S, Haglund M. Understanding the Barriers and Potential Solutions to Epilepsy Care in Uganda: A Qualitative Study. Presented at Bass Connections Showcase 2018 (poster).
Bobholz S, Dabbs K, Hsu D, Stafstrom C, Hermann B. Neuroanatomical abnormalities associated with new onset pediatric focal and generalized epilepsies. Presented at AACN 2017 (poster).

Attix D, Mayanja K, Sanchez N, Gualtieri A, Chakraborty P, Sinha D, Kalygira J, Bobholz S, Onuoha E, Waters D, Batakana S, Haglund M. Elucidating Delay to Biomedical Care for Epilepsy Patients in Uganda: Traditional Healers as the First Line of Care. Presented at Global Health Research Showcase 2017 (poster).
Bobholz S, Crawford J, Varvaris M, Ward R, Sawa A, Schretlen D. Pallidal hypertrophy as a putative neural compensatory response to schizophrenia: Findings in first-episode schizophrenia. Presented at International Neuropsychological Society Annual Meeting 2016 (poster).

Book Chapters

Dabbs K, Garcia-Ramos C, Jackson D, Lin J, Bobholz S, Almane D, Seidenberg M, Hermann B. Imaging and Cognition in Children with New-Onset Epilepsies, in: Imaging Biomarkers in Epilepsy. Bernasconi A, Bernasconi N, Koepp M, Eds. (Cambridge University Press), 2019, pp. 31-47.