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2024 IHER Conference

MCW 2024 Innovations in Healthcare Education Research (IHER) Conference

This conference brings together individuals who are passionate about discovering new approaches to assessing learning, faculty development, curricular design and teaching delivery methods that enhance the student learning experience and prepare students for a career in healthcare.

Human Connection and Technology: Better Together in Healthcare Education

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September 17-19, 2024
Medical College of Wisconsin

The MCW Office of Academic Affairs invites you to attend the eleventh annual Innovations in Healthcare Education Research (IHER) Conference. Attend presentations on Artificial Intelligence; Simulation and Interactive Learning; Curriculum Enrichment and Teaching Delivery Methods; Reflective Practice and Feedback; Mental Health and Well-being; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Quality Improvement and Change Management; and Community Engagement and Public Education.

We invite all Conference participants to utilize the new Zoom AI Companion during this year's online sessions, which provide private, real-time discussion summaries and answers to participant inquiries, while helping everyone stay engaged with the topics and each other.

The Conference is free to attend and will take place virtually via Zoom on Tuesday, Sept. 17, and Wednesday, Sept. 18; sessions held on Thursday, Sept. 19, will take place in-person at the MCW-Milwaukee campus.

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Join us on Sept. 17-19 for the hybrid 2024 Innovations in Healthcare Education Research (IHER) Conference to engage in plenary sessions, workshops, panel sessions, roundtables, ignite presentations, oral presentations, speed poster presentations and an in-person paper poster session.
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Call for Submissions

For this year's hybrid three-day conference, authors are encouraged to submit joint submissions which entails submitting either a workshop, panel session or roundtable in February for the first call-for-proposals, followed by an additional submission of a content-related research or innovations abstract during the second call-for-proposals in March. An accepted joint submission will result in a website showcase for the author, bringing additional distinction to your work.

Many thanks to all who submitted workshop, panel session and roundtable proposals during the first call for submissions!

Proposals are being accepted in the categories listed below. Click on the corresponding links to submit; you may submit more than one.

5-minute Ignite Session

Innovations in healthcare education abstract
(Submit a 10-minute oral presentation, 3-minute speed poster or paper poster)

Research in healthcare education abstract
(Submit a 10-minute oral presentation, 3-minute speed poster or paper poster)

Fireside Chat

World Café

Campfire Session (NEW!)
Much like people sitting around a campfire listening to someone tell a story, a campfire session at a conference is an informal way of presenting and discussing topics with meeting attendees. Less structured than a typical breakout session, campfires are designed to allow attendees to easily drop in or out as their schedule and interest level permit.

AI-Enhanced Innovations (NEW!)
An AI-enhanced innovations abstract is a report on a unique educational experience that has developed enough to provide valuable lessons and insight worth sharing with the healthcare education community but has been enhanced by the use of AI-powered technologies such as generative pre-trained transformers (e.g., Open AI GPT4, Google Gemini, Meta Llama 2, etc.). As with traditional innovations abstracts, it is designed to foster scholarly dissemination of novel ideas, methods or materials in healthcare education. The focus can be on curriculum, teaching, assessment or any other aspect of healthcare training. An innovations abstract summarizes a problem statement, methodological approach and lessons learned from the study. However, additional information such as the prompts and AI models used will be required in the proposal.

Fishbowl (NEW!)
A fishbowl is a presentation style in which audience members become the presenters. Chairs are arranged in concentric circles with a few chairs placed in the center, similar to a theatre-in-the-round setup. When the presentation begins, a few audience members take seats in the center and begin the discussion. Only the people in the center of the circle can speak. Speakers are asked to make a point or answer a question and then vacate the chair (return to the audience) when finished so that another audience member can come forward and speak. This rolling transition from speaker to speaker, often facilitated by a moderator, is really a variation of a meeting around a board room table.

MCW Innovations in Healthcare Education Research Newsletter

This quarterly publication has been developed to keep the education community updated on conference details, including planning efforts for the 11th annual IHER Conference, as well as serving as a platform for the MCW community to share conference suggestions and feedback.

The newsletter highlights the many successes achieved at the hybrid 2023 IHER Conference, while also exploring new and innovative presentation platforms for the hybrid 2024 IHER Conference.

For more information, or to receive the IHER Conference newsletter, contact the IHER Conference steering committee at


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Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53226
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