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Medical Scientist Training Program

Julian Grosskopf

Julian Grosskopf

M1 Student


  • Medical Scientist Training Program

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BS, Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, 2019

Research Interests

Structural Biology & Biophysics

Research Experience

University of Wisconsin – La Crosse 2016-2019
Advisors: Drs. Todd Weatver & Daniel Grilley
Projects: 1) Performing site-directed alterations to the hemolysin A non polar core to probe for critical residues of structural and functional importance concerning red blood cell lysis. 2) Calculating and extrapolating chemical and thermal stability of SS loop mutants within fumarase C as part of a larger project in exploring the SS loop and its importance in catalysis of fumarate to S-malate.

General Interests

Fitness, hockey, coding, and enjoying the outdoors with friends and family