Reimagining Care: Max C. Lee, MD

Dr Lee Reimaging Care Article

When the COVID-19 crisis first began in Wisconsin, we had to act quickly to implement safety protocols to make sure our staff, patients and their loved ones remained as safe as possible. In the department of neurosurgery, we knew that the issues our patients were dealing with could not be put on-hold despite the pandemic.

Some of the protocols we instituted include the mandatory use of face shield masks or goggles for our neurosurgeons and support staff (seen in photo). We also introduced strict parameters on how many people could be in a room together when seeing a patient. We also rolled out mandatory virus screening tests for our staff and patients. Finally, sanitization of our facility and equipment has been a top priority. The use of disposable PPE and hygiene protocols that go beyond simple handwashing have been an important factor in limiting potential exposure to the virus.

Throughout this time, I have been most inspired with how the healthcare community has come together for the benefit of public health. Physicians at different health systems, typically competitors, are collaborating and sharing ideas and resources to help our patients during this uncertain time. I am inspired by the altruism on display and believe that sometimes the worst situations bring out the best in humanity.

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