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HIPAA Zoom and Brightspace

The Ed Tech team has taken some questions on the differences between HIPAA compliant Zoom and the regular Zoom license.

MCW offers a HIPAA-compliant version of Zoom that offers many of the same features as Zoom Meetings. However, your account can only exist in one Zoom version at a time. If you plan to use Zoom to discuss HIPAA data and other sensitive information, be aware of the following differences between Zoom Meetings and our HIPAA version of Zoom:

  • Cloud recording will not be available. The only recording option will be to create a local recording on your computer.
  • 256-bit encryption is automatically enabled.
  • Meeting reports will be limited on the information that is retained. For example, attendee last names will not be displayed.
  • HIPAA-compliant Zoom accounts cannot act as delegated or alternate hosts for meetings hosted in the primary MCW Zoom environment.
  • iPhone and iPad individuals can join telehealth appointments directly from their mobile browser and do not require the Zoom app.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are teaching with Zoom, you should keep a regular Zoom account. HIPAA Zoom cannot be integrated with Brightspace or Panopto by design, and users with accounts in HIPAA Zoom are not able to take advantage of these integrations and features such as automatic upload of recordings to Panopto.