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Catalyst BioConsulting at the Medical College of Wisconsin

Catalyst BioConsulting (formerly PICO – Postdoc Industry Consultants) is a business consulting group comprised of highly trained scientists that provides a broad range of consulting services for the many challenges faced by start-up and established firms. We offer pro-bono services geared towards the sustainable development and growth of innovative biotech and health technology companies in Wisconsin and beyond.

Our mission is to provide research-based, actionable business recommendations for biotechnology, health technology and pharmaceutical firms. We leverage our analytical skills and scientific expertise to tackle strategic and economic problems to elevate a company’s performance.
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Past Clients

Catalyst BioConsulting works with companies, large and small, on projects that have the potential to impact company growth and development. We are proud to have worked with these clients and more.

Catalyst BioConsulting Testimonials

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“ReNeuroGen LLC is a virtual pharmaceutical company developing drug candidates for neurological disorders such as Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury and Multiple Sclerosis. We have close ties to the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) since one of our co-founders, Dr. Kirkwood Pritchard is also a Professor at this institution. We worked with two different Catalyst BioConsulting [formerly known as PICO] teams on both ischemic stroke and multiple sclerosis projects in our first year of existence. Everybody, from the Director of the Catalyst BioConsulting program, team leaders and team members were truly superb in terms of responsiveness, clarity of thinking, effort and helpfulness. In particular, the Catalyst BioConsulting team contributions for the ischemic stroke project led to additional, novel insights into the science and business model being developed by the Company. MCW should be truly proud of such an innovative entrepreneurial program and any health, life science or biotech company looking for augmentive consulting help should strongly consider utilizing Catalyst BioConsulting services and its creative and hard working team members.”

Dr. Stephen Naylor, Co-Founder & CEO, Reneurogen LLC

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“We are a small organization, so a couple of extra people never hurts. It’s outside, fresh ideas to say, ‘Hey have you thought about this’ or ‘Have you thought about that’. Just getting more people looking at the same problem who will get to a better answer, sooner.”“[They are] high energy people, they’re observant, they’re smart, they’re engaged. And I think part of this program’s success is that they have people who fit well into these types of environments.”

Dr. Chad Beyer, senior vice president of research and development, promentis pharmaceuticals

CTSI Discovery Radio interview, aired January 19, 2018

Frequently Asked Questions

When was Catalyst Bioconsulting established?
Catalyst BioConsulting was established as PICO in 2011 by Dr. Philip S. Clifford (former MCW faculty member, currently at UIC) and Lena Watanabe (former MCW postdoctoral fellow) after a series of long discussions and meetings with selected industry representatives. They then recruited two more postdocs, Sheldon Garrison and Mike Zickus, to participate in the group’s first project.
How many companies/projects has Catalyst BioConsulting completed?
Since our establishment, we have completed over 50 projects for 40 different biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Our results have had a deep and meaningful impact for our clients who range from start-ups through well-established corporations.
How much does Catalyst BioConsulting charge for its services?
Nothing. Catalyst BioConsulting services are pro bono. Our payment is considered fulfilled by providing our consultants with hands-on experience and networking opportunities in exchange for actionable business recommendations. On occasion, some clients have been asked, or have offered, to present a workshop to the group on a variety of business related topics.
How does Catalyst BioConsulting train its consultants?
In addition to hands-on training through consulting projects, Catalyst BioConsulting regularly brings in guest speakers from various areas of business and biotech to speak on topics such as product valuation, finance, intellectual property, project management, regulatory affairs, etc. Knowledge and best practices are also shared among members in monthly meetings, which insures the flow of knowledge from senior members to new consultants.
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