Medical Humanities

Medical College of Wisconsin Medical Humanities Program

The MCW Medical Humanities Program, founded in 2006, is dedicated to professionalism, communication, empathy and reflection, through education in literature, medical history, the visual and performing arts and the social sciences.
Medical Humanities Faculty Interest Group
The MCW Humanities faculty interest group session are held intermittently throughout the year from 5:00-6:00 pm in the History of Medicine Room (M3120) in the Medical Education Building. At each session, we feature a faculty member's current work.

This is an opportunity for faculty members who are working in, or interested in the medical humanities to discuss their works, projects, and interests. It is also an opportunity for networking and collaboration in the medical humanities (broadly defined – literature, medical history, the visual and performing arts, and the social sciences).

All MCW faculty members are welcome!

To be added to the mailing list, please contact Claire Wenzel,
MCW Muses
MCW Muses is the annual celebration of art, music and literature created by students, faculty and staff offered each spring, sponsored by the MCW Medical Humanities Program, the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health, and the Society of Teaching Scholars. Dr. Carlyle Chan oversees MCW Muses.

To perform or display items at MCW Muses, please contact Brenda Konczal,
Arthur Derse, MD, JD

Associate Director
Julia Uihlein, MA

Program Administration
Diane Kramer
Kristen Tym, MA
Claire Wenzel

Humanities Program Faculty
Karen Brasel, MD, MPH
Michael Farrell, MD
Nancy Havas, MD
Bruce Campbell, MD
Carlyle Chan, MD
Cynthiane Morgenweck, MD, MA

Humanities Program Faculty
Karen Brasel, MD, MPH
Michael Farrell, MD
Nancy Havas, MD
Bruce Campbell, MD
Carlyle Chan, MD
Cynthiane Morgenweck, MD, MA

Faculty Associates
Bruce Ambuel, PhD
Melissa Atwood, DO, MA
Paul Barkhaus, MD
Marshall Beckman, MD
Stuart Berger, MD
Adam Blackwell, MD
Ellen Blank, MD, MA
Linda Blust, MD
T. Michael Bolger, JD
William Burns, MD
Dennis Butler, PhD
Ann Catlett, MD
Shonu Das, MD
Walter Gager, MD
Mary Ann Gilligan, MD
Jennifer Griffiths, MD
Jonathan Gully, MD
Richard Holloway, PhD

Faculty Associates (continued)
Candice Johnstone, MD
Jack Kaufman, MD
Joseph Layde, MD, JD
K. Jane Lee, MD, MA
Jennifer Mackinnon, MD
Sean Marks, MD
Anthony Meyer, MD
Alex Okun, MD
Jacquelyn Paykel, MD
Wendy Peltier, MD
James Sebastian, MD
Steven Weisman, MD
Yong-ran Zhu, MD

Resident Associates
Brittany Bettendorf, MD
Elizabeth Fleming, MD
Theresa Maatman, MD
Julie Owen, MD

Staff Associates
Ginny Cleppe, AM, LCSW
Amy Leisten
William Schultz, MS

Community Associates
Ruric (Andy) Anderson, MD, Aurora Health Care
Joseph Boblick, Milw. Institute of Art and Design
Paul Brodwin, PhD, UW-Milwaukee
Polly Ewen Castor, Milw. Institute of Art and Design
Sumanta Chaudhuri, MD
Jane Chevako, MD, Children’s Hospital of WI
Edo deWaart, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
John J. Frey III, MD, Univ. of Wis. Med School
Tamara Hauck, Milw. Repertory Theater
Drs. William & Mary Alice Houghton
Rebecca Imes, PhD, Carroll University
Anne Johnson, MD
Maurice Kilwin-Guevara, PhD UW-Milwaukee
Francesco Lecce-Chong, Milw. Symphony Orchestra
Chris McLaughlin, Editor
Joan Prachthauser, Milwaukee Art Museum
Anton Salud II, MD, MA Madison Medical Associates
David Schiedermayer, MD, Theda Clark Pall. Care
Bruce Wilson, MD, Aurora VNA Zilber Family Hospice