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Imaging Near Metal

3D-MSI Spectral Calibration

3D-MSI acquisitions can be applied with greater efficiency if the implant magnetism is known, a-priori. For several years, our group has developed technology that allows for this prospective "calibration" via a short additional image acquisition. More recently, we have been partnering with GE Healthcare in the clinical implementation and evaluation of this new technology.





3D Multi-Spectral 2T Mapping

T2 Map Hip


Diffusion-weighted Imaging near metal implants has been substantially confounded by susceptibility artifacts. 3D-MSI has historically not been able to generate diffusion-weighted contrast.

We have developed technology that allows for multi-spectral imaging with diffusion-weighting. Our group has funding from the NIH (NIBIB-R21) to further pursue this line of investigation.

Read Dr. Koch's article "Multispectral diffusion-weighted imaging near metal implants" from Magnetic Resonance in Medicine.

Diffusion Weighted Imaging Near Metal