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Community Conversations

Community Conversations by the Medical College of Wisconsin

What are Community Conversations?

At the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), the health of our Milwaukee-area community is at the heart of everything we do. This focus on Milwaukee is the driving force behind Community Conversations, a series of critical discussions on health reflecting a diversity of experiences.
MCW Community Conversations with Zeno Franco, PhD

Face2Face Series

For the Face2 Face series of Community Conversations, the dialogue between MCW researchers and community members is brought to the forefront.

The videos feature Milwaukee community members appearing face- to- face with MCW faculty to discuss scientific research and its application to health improving the health of our community. These conversations will be a starting point to foster better understanding of the research process, and to help bridge gaps that have historically been in place in clinical research.

Face2Face with Dr. Alison Kriegel and Laketta Caldwell

This conversation took place between Alison Kriegel, PhD, associate professor of physiology at MCW, and Laketta Caldwell, executive director of Raising the Bar, a Milwaukee-based nonprofit focused on self-empowerment and mentorship for the community, regardless of their economic or social status.

In this conversation, the pair focused on the intricacies that go into being a scientist. They discussed the scientific process and misconceptions that many have about scientific research as well as highlighted the importance of addressing key health issues including pediatric cancer and diabetes through research. Finally, the two delved into Dr. Kriegel’s motivations for wanting to advance science and medicine.

Face2Face with Dr. Zeno Franco and Patricia Ruiz-Cantu

This conversation took place between Zeno Franco, PhD, assistant professor in MCW’s department of family and community medicine, and Patricia Ruiz-Cantu, a community relations innovation expert.

In this conversation, the focus was on connecting science with people's daily lives and fostering a sense of community. They discussed the importance of science as a source of hope for humanity and its impact across different generations. The role of data in driving progress and achieving health equity was also highlighted, emphasizing the need for diverse data to address healthcare disparities.

Mental Health Series

This mental health series of Community Conversations features Milwaukee voices in candid conversation on all things psychological health and wellbeing. Hear the perspectives of medical experts and providers, community leaders and those who have dealt with mental health challenges personally as they discuss the realities of mental health and healing in the face of the challenges facing our society today. Community Conversations: Mental Health aims to showcase the experiences of Milwaukee area residents and amplify their voices to tell their stories in their own words.

Mental Health Access Gaps

Mental Health Matters

Disparities in available resources, visibility and immediacy of care create unique barriers to access in different communities, leaving some areas to face a scarcity of mental health care as needs for that care grow. Join therapist Raven Eggson-Washington and psychiatrist Dr. Erica M. Arrington of the Medical College of Wisconsin as they discuss these complex challenges in their field, and the power that an equitable approach to mental health care can offer to patients across the greater Milwaukee area.

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Epiphany's Story

A Journey to Healing

Depression is a ruthless illness that can affect anyone. While its causes and the forms it takes can differ from person to person, the disease is no less serious in one case than another, making treatment for the condition vital in the lives of those affected by it. Milwaukee resident Epiphany Gold discusses her experiences with depression and her journey to healing through the mental health treatment that saved her life.

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What Would You Say?

Overcoming the Stigma

The stigma surrounding conversations on mental health can make it difficult to start on the journey to mental well-being. Breaking this stigma is no easy feat, but doing so can lead not only to your own healing but the healing of others by being an example for the most important people in your life. Join mental health care advocate Montréal Cain, author Dr. Joe Johnson and Dr. Jon Lehrmann, the Charles E. Kubly Chair in Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine at MCW, as they discuss the stigma of mental health care and the benefits of overcoming it.

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