Community Conversations: Face2Face with Dr. Zeno Franco and Patricia Ruiz-Cantu

Community Conversations: Face2Face with Dr. Zeno Franco and Patricia Ruiz-Cantu

At the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), the health of our Milwaukee-area community is at the heart of everything we do. This focus on Milwaukee is the driving force behind Community Conversations, a series of critical discussions on health reflecting a diversity of experiences.

The first installment of the series focused on mental health. For our next iteration in the series, the dialogue between MCW researchers and community members is brought to the forefront.

The videos feature Milwaukee community leaders appearing face to face with MCW faculty to discuss scientific research and its application to improving the health of our community. These conversations will be a starting point to foster better understanding of the research process, and to help bridge gaps that have historically been in place in clinical research.

This conversation took place between Zeno Franco, PhD, assistant professor in MCW’s department of  family and community medicine, and Patricia Ruiz-Cantu, a community relations innovation expert.

In this conversation, the focus was on connecting science with people's daily lives and fostering a sense of community. They discussed the importance of science as a source of hope for humanity and its impact across different generations. The role of data in driving progress and achieving health equity was also highlighted, emphasizing the need for diverse data to address healthcare disparities.

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