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Jamila Kwarteng, PhD

Jamila Kwarteng, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor of Community Health


  • Institute for Health and Equity

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Dr. Kwarteng, is an assistant professor of Community Health in the Institute for Health & Equity. She is a public health researcher with an emphasis in health behavior and health education. She is the principal investigator (PI) of two community capacity building projects focused on improving cancer survivorship of AA cancer survivors, and co-PI of a cancer prevention project among AA and Latinos. The first develops social support resources to address social determinants of health among survivors. The second targets education and training for church health ministries to better support cancer survivors within faith-based communities. The third targets cancer prevention among AA and Latinos through education in nutrition and physical activity. Dr. Kwarteng has several years of experience with community engaged research and examining the extent to which obesity and lifestyle impact cancer risk and how theoretical constructs modify the effect of lifestyle interventions for AA and Latinos.

View the African American Cancer Survivor Network flyer (PDF)

Research Interests

African American Cancer Survivor Network: Building Community among African American Cancer Survivors