Jing Dong, PhD

Jing Dong, PhD

Assistant Professor


  • HRC 5860
    Hematology and Oncology - Medicine
    Cancer Prevention and Outcomes, Cancer Center
    Linda T. and John A. Mellowes Center for Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine


Dr. Dong is an assistant professor of medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin, Division of Hematology and Oncology and also has a joint appointment with the Mellowes Center. Her research interests focus on integrating high-throughput “omics” data into epidemiological studies to develop approaches to reduce cancer burden and cancer disparities.

Dr. Dong received her PhD at Nanjing Medical University, China in 2012, then completed her training in epidemiology at National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Afterward, she was awarded by Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas to join a training program in integrative cancer epidemiology at Baylor College of Medicine. Her work has led to more than 60 publications in several major high-ranking journals in cancer and genetic epidemiology areas, such as Nat Genet., Nat Commun., and Gastroenterology. She also serves as a reviewer for more than 20 international peer-reviewed journals, including but not limited to Communications Biology, Clin Gastroenterol Hepatol., Carcinogenesis, and as editorial board of BMC Cancer, Annals of Translational Medicine and Journal of Cancer Research Forecast.

Research Interests

Genetic and molecular epidemiology, Risk prediction, Cancer disparities