Stolley PCCOE

Melinda Stolley, PhD

Professor; Associate Director of Population Sciences Research, Cancer Center


  • Hematology and Oncology

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Research Experience

  • Health Behavior

Leadership Positions

  • Associate Director of Cancer Prevention and Control

Research Interests

Dr. Stolley is a health psychologist with expertise in obesity and cancer survivorship research. Her research focuses on health behaviors and health behavior change with the goal of improving patient-reported and cancer outcomes. She has nearly 20 years of experience developing and testing lifestyle change interventions among children, adults and cancer survivors. An important aspect of this work is her focus on minority and underserved communities, working closely with community organizations to answer relevant research questions. Most recently, she completed a study examining the effects of a weight loss intervention for African-American breast cancer survivors on behavioral, psychosocial and biological outcomes. She also recently published the results of a study that examined the health behaviors of 450 minority adult childhood cancer survivors as compared to non-cancer affected controls. She currently serves as the Associate Director of Population Sciences Research for the Medical College of Wisconsin and is a Professor in the Department of Medicine.