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Medical College of Wisconsin General Pediatrics Patient Care

Patient Care and Clinical Programs

Child Protection Center (CPC)
The Child Protection Center (CPC) provides medical care for and education to prevent child abuse, child neglect and sexual abuse of children and adolescents. Dr. Jordan Greenbaum provides inpatient consultation at Children's Wisconsin. Dr. Judy Guinn and Nurse Practitioner Mike Scahill provide outpatient referrals for abuse or neglect and serve as the intake service for children recently placed in foster care. Staff at the CPC work closely with social service agencies as well as local police departments.
Homeless Shelter
The Family Crisis Center is a local shelter for homeless families that provides medical care and teaches residents and students about the needs of this vulnerable population.
Latino Patient Care
Dr. Sylvia Hillmann provides cultural competent family centered medical care to the Latino population in the inner city.
Lead Treatment and Prevention Center
Dr. Margaret Layde serves as the regional resource for referrals, phone consultation, treatment, prevention and advocacy in Milwaukee as well as Wisconsin.
Foster Care Program
Dr. Lisa Zetley has a focus for children and families in the foster care system. She works with the Children's Wisconsin Child Protection Center (Foster Care Health Program) for intake and provision of primary care as well as coordination of chronic illnesses. She also serves on local and state advisory boards.
Midtown Clinic-Children's Wisconsin

Located in Milwaukee's inner city, the Midtown Clinic-Children's Wisconsin is the primary pediatric clinic of the Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Pediatrics and of the Children's Wisconsin serving a medically underserved population with 94% of our patients on some form of Title 19 medical insurance. The clinic operates 6 days a week including evening hours. Providing care to infants, children and adolescents, we see patients from birth to age 19. We have adolescent and teen tot clinics.

In addition to providing primary pediatric care, we are the teaching site for general outpatient pediatrics and adolescent medicine for all pediatric residents, med/peds residents and medical students.

The clinic takes many types of medical insurance but in particular, United Healthcare T-19, AmeriChoice, straight T-19, Commercial Insurance, as well as uninsured patients on a sliding fee schedule. Call (414) 277-8900 to make an appointment and to see if we accept your medical insurance.

The doctors and staff working at the Midtown Clinic-Children's Wisconsin are employed by the Medical College of Wisconsin. In addition to caring for your child, we are committed to training pediatric doctors of the future. Therefore, your child may also be seen with pediatric resident physicians and medical students. The Midtown Clinic-Children's Wisconsin works closely with Children's Wisconsin. If your child needs to be hospitalized at Children's Wisconsin, a doctor from our group will care for your child and keep your doctor informed.

Patients are seen by appointment. We recommend that you:

  1. Call the clinic to make an appointment (2-3 weeks in advance for routine check-ups).
  2. Call the clinic if your child is ill. We can give you the best time to bring your child to the clinic if you want your child to be seen that day.
  3. Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to register.

Please remember that we need to see your insurance card every time you see the doctor.

We want to provide the best service and convenience for our patients. If you need a prescription refilled, a form completed or immunization records, we will respond as quickly as possible. However, we prefer to have at least 2-3 days to process these requests.
Please keep the immunization record that we give you. You will need it to enroll in Headstart, day care, or school.

When You Arrive For Your Appointment

SIGN IN as soon as you arrive.

Patients will be registered/seen in the following order:

  1. Patients with prescheduled appointments (routine care).
  2. Patients who are ill and made an appointment on that day.
  3. Patients without their insurance card.
  4. Patients without an appointment.

Exception: Seriously ill children will be seen as urgently as needed.

What To Bring To Your Appointment

Every time you come to the doctor, please bring:

  1. Your insurance card
  2. All medications your child is taking
  3. Your child's shot records

Important Information About Your Child's Doctor
Your child/children will be assigned to a doctor at the Midtown Clinic-Children's Wisconsin. If possible, they should see the same doctor each time they come to the clinic. Seeing the same doctor will allow the doctor to know your child well and you to know the doctor. Some of the doctors are at the clinic once a week, on the same day of each week. For check ups and complaints that have been going on for a long time, you will be given an appointment with your assigned doctor.

If your child becomes suddenly ill, you can, of course, be seen by a doctor that day. Call the clinic for an appointment. If your doctor is not available, one of the other clinic doctors will see your child.

Milwaukee Adolescent Health Program (MAHP)
Directed by section faculty, the Milwaukee Adolescent Health Program (MAHP) provides outreach to the vulnerable teenage population. Sites of medical care include: general adolescent and teen tot clinics at the MTC; school based clinics at South Division and Custer High Schools; the juvenile detention facility; the Child and Adolescent Inpatient Service for teens hospitalized for mental health related issues; the 12 to 20 Walk in Clinic for after school care. The MAHP received a Founder's Award for health care delivery to adolescents from the American Academy of Pediatrics in 1999. Recent additions to this program include counseling for substance abuse and smoking cessation.
Newborn Care
Section faculty provide care to newborns at both Sinai Samaritan Hospital (414) 277-8909 and Froedtert Hospital.
Pediatric Hospitalist Program
The general pediatrics section has a hospitalist service at Children's Wisconsin providing care to the following: DHC patients; patients from most of the family medicine residency training programs in Southeast Wisconsin; patients referred from throughout the region and state needing general pediatrics care; and unassigned patients (no primary care physician or physician is not on staff). For referral to this service, please call (414) 266-2000. For general questions during business hours call (414) 456-4181.

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Smoking Cessation
The Milwaukee Adolescent Health Program is now offering a free smoking cessation clinic for teens. All youth who smoke cigarettes who are under 19 years of age are encouraged to participate.
Substance Abuse
Cleon Suggs, CADC III of the Milwaukee Adolescent Health Program provides individual and family outpatient counseling at the Midtown Clinic-Children's Wisconsin. He also facilitates educational AODA groups at the Child and Adolescent Treatment Center, the Juvenile Detention Center and Juvenile Corrective Sanctions. (414) 277-8916

Patient Referral Instructions

For Medical Personnel

Outpatient general pediatrics care at the Midtown Clinic-Children's Wisconsin
(414) 277-8900

Inpatient admission on the hospitalist service
Call the Children's Wisconsin Operator at (414) 266-2000 and ask for the DHC Hospitalist

Newborn care at Sinai Samaritan Medical Center
(414) 277-8909

Newborn care at Froedtert Hospital
(414) 456-5990

Inpatient consultation for child abuse, neglect or sexual abuse
(414) 266-2090

Outpatient referral for child abuse, neglect or sexual abuse
(414) 277-8980

For Patients

Outpatient general pediatrics including adolescent health care
(414) 277-8900

Newborn care at Sinai Samaritan Medical Center
(414) 277-8909

Newborn care at Froedtert Hospital
(414) 456-5990