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Vaping and EVALI

Most recently, faculty and fellows in our division played an important role in identifying the condition which would become known as EVALI (E-cigarette or Vaping product use Associated Lung Injury). While EVALI is believed to have been caused by contamination from vitamin E acetate, there are other issues that remain. Faculty are involved in community advocacy as well as state and national legislative initiatives to limit the sale of vaping products to anyone <21 years of age.

Our Team featured in "The Devil's Playbook," by Lauren Etter

In February 2018 Amos gave an interview to a local television station about the dangers of teen vaping. “There’s a false sense of security that this is a harmless, safe way to get your nicotine buzz,” she said. “My biggest concern is that we will find some adverse lung effects in the future in studies that will involve teens that are vaping today.” In hindsight, it seems like a premonition. – The Devil’s Playbook page 320

On July 25, 2019, Gutzeit and Amos stood before a podium inside the hospital, with news reporters and television cameras. It had not been an easy decision for Gutzeit to call a press conference. Doctors are accustomed to dealing with emergencies all the time, and keeping their composure through it all. They’re not prone to panic. But there was clearly something bigger happening in their community. Even worse, it appeared to be squarely hitting children. “We’re here today to warn you about what we believe is a significant health issue,” Gutzeit said. – The Devil’s Playbook page 327

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Our Team featured in "Big Vape" by Jamie DuCharme

If the two doctors [D’Andrea and Meyer] were right, and these patients were sick because they’d’ been exposed to a dangerous substance, they knew the problem was probably bigger than just their hospital. There could be something out there sickening people across the whole city or state—maybe even the whole country. – Big Vape page 216

Children’s Wisconsin had sounded the original alarm, but from late June to mid-August of that summer, a total of ninety-four people across the country had shown signs of this new and perplexing lung injury. – Big Vape page 218

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