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Pediatric Rheumatology


Clinical Research

Currently, there are several clinical trials open for enrollment. These trials are unique ways for patients and their families to become actively involved in a cause focused specifically on rheumatologic diseases. We are also involved in quality improvement projects and behavioral/quality of life research grant funded studies. The research could someday lead to medical advances.

Active Studies

  • Quality Improvement JIA Registry- Multi-Center Collaborative Study; Drs. Vora and Olson Primary Investigators (PI)
  • Adolescent Self-Management Program for Children with Rheumatic Disease; Dr. Vora (PI)

Non-active Studies

  • Adult based Chronic Disease Self-management program evaluated on Adolescents with Rheumatic Disease

Laboratory Research

Laboratory Research is primarily conducted by Calvin Williams, MD, PhD, and James Verbsky, MD, PhD. Both conduct research in rheumatology and immunology and have fully functional and operational laboratories. Their research has been published in high-impact journals such as Immunity, Journal of Immunology and New England Journal, to name a few.