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Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine

Goals, Visions and Distinguishing Features

Our Goal

It is the goal of the Northeastern Wisconsin Psychiatry Program to produce psychiatrists who are well prepared to meet the mental health needs of patients in rural Wisconsin and beyond. We anticipate we will develop psychiatrists who will be:

  • competent in psychiatric symptom identification, mental health diagnosis, and a wide range of medical and therapy interventions;

  • providers with high ethical standards, who are able to recognize their own limitations and biases and employ self improvement strategies for the benefit of themselves, their patients, and their profession;

  • active collaborators with non-physician therapists, social workers, nurses, and providers of other disciplines in the provision of high quality, fully encompassing, cost effective health care;

  • advocates for their patients, and for a just mental health care system

Vision and Distinguishing Features

The N.E.W. Program aims to...

Provide access to faculty from local sites as well as with faculty from our sister programs in Milwaukee and Central Wisconsin.

Focus on child & adolescent psychiatry experience with early inpatient and year-long, half-day, outpatient experiences.

Provide support and class cohesiveness while teaching to facilitate group therapies in the first year Experiential Group.

Create custom electives and learning experiences to assist in fostering a residents interests.

Allow for independent clinical research at local sites as well as facilitate collaboration with larger research projects in Milwaukee.

Provide outpatient experiences beginning in the second year of residency.

Allow for teaching opportunities with medical students and various medical learners while on many psychiatric rotations.

Present a strong focus on Psychodynamic and Evidenced Based Therapies.

Allow residents to follow their interests with a full year of electives during PGY4.

What are we looking for?

Applicants who are interested in becoming well rounded physicians who advocate for their patients and challenge the stigma of mental health care.

Residents with initiative who will play an active role in building an academic community and strong psychiatry residency foundation in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Physicians vested in the communities they serve while maintaining balance in their professional and private lives.

Residents who will educate their patients, fellow physicians, medical professionals, and medical learners of all disciplines on appropriate, evidence-based mental health care.

What we offer

Solid Foundation
The N.E.W Psychiatry Residency provides a balanced approach to psychiatric specialty education. You will rotate through a full spectrum of distinctly different mental health care facilities and will learn and adapt your practice to these different delivery systems. Local, state, county, federal, private, and correctional systems are represented in the N.E.W. Psychiatry Program training sites. This variety provides not only first hand knowledge of what each system offers patients and their families, but also prepares you for success in these various environments prior to your entering the workforce as a mental health practitioner.

Solid Backing
Our residency program may be new to Northeastern Wisconsin, but the Medical College of Wisconsin and Bellin Health have both been leaders in medical education for over a century. Additionally, the Wisconsin Resource Center and the Winnebago Mental Health Institute have decades of experience in providing quality, mental health specific, post graduate training. Lastly, the VA in Green Bay continues the Veterans Health Administration’s dedication to medical education present in its facilities all across our country.

A Voice
As a member of the N.E.W. Psychiatry Residency class, you will have an immediate opportunity to become involved in residency leadership via administrative roles, serving on the Education Committee, attending Resident Business Meetings, assisting in recruitment, and more. Your input will be valued, and you will have an instant impact on the direction of the residency as it continues to grow.