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International Journal of Radiation Biology Physics Pays Tribute to Longtime Faculty Member Dr. John Moulder

John Moulder, PhD, a 38-year faculty member and internationally recognized expert on the risks of radiation injuries, has been honored posthumously in the International Journal of Radiation Biology for his scientific impact and mentoring legacy. Dr. Moulder, who retired in 2016, died in July 2022.

Written by senior academic leaders from the National Institutes of Health, Making connections: the scientific impact and mentoring legacy of Dr. John E. Moulder pays homage to Dr. Moulder’s long and successful career in radiation science and celebrates the impact of his mentorship and collaborations.

“John’s life’s work created a ripple effect in the radiation research community that will be felt for many generations,” said John E. Baker, PhD, professor of Surgery (congenital heart surgery), who collaborated with Dr. Moulder to understand the impact of radiation on intestinal microbiota and development of cardiovascular disease. “It was an honor to have worked with John and to have called him a friend.” Dr. Baker’s collaboration with Dr. Moulder led to several new avenues of research, including understanding the mechanisms underlying non-targeted effects of therapeutic radiation and the impact of galactic cosmic rays on the risk for astronauts developing degenerative cardiovascular disease during long-duration space exploration missions.