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MCW Leaders Named to Milwaukee Business Journal's Power Brokers List

The Milwaukee Business Journal recently unveiled its list of Power Brokers for 2024, a compilation that spotlights the most influential figures shaping southeastern Wisconsin's business landscape. This year, three esteemed members of the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) have been recognized as notable figures on the list: Dr. John Raymond, Dr. Malika Siker and Greg Wesley.

Dr. John Raymond serves as the President and CEO of MCW, leading Wisconsin's sole private medical school. With his visionary leadership, MCW addresses healthcare challenges, trains future healthcare professionals and conducts groundbreaking research, cementing its pivotal role in advancing healthcare in Wisconsin and beyond.

Dr. Malika Siker is an esteemed Associate Professor and Associate Dean for Student Inclusion and Diversity at MCW. Trained in Radiation Oncology at MCW, Dr. Siker brings expertise in a range of patient care emphases. Through her dedication to education, patient care and diversity initiatives, Dr. Siker contributes significantly to the mission of MCW and the well-being of the communities it serves.

Gregory Wesley, Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances and Business Development at MCW, is tasked with ensuring the execution of MCW’s strategic initiatives through established and emerging partnerships. With a wealth of experience in engaging with local and regional businesses, governments, civic organizations and philanthropic groups, Wesley's leadership contributes significantly to MCW's mission of advancing healthcare, education and community well-being across the region.

As we celebrate the achievements of MCW’s distinguished representatives on the Power Brokers list, we also extend our congratulations to other notable leaders in Milwaukee who have been recognized for their exceptional contributions. Among them are esteemed trustees and close partners whose leadership and collaboration continue to enrich our community:

Trustees: Congratulations to John Daniels, Gale Klappa, Mary Ellen Stanek, Cory Nettles, Linda Gorens-Levey, Jackie Herd-Barber, David Lubar, Greg Marcus, Ted Kellner, Austin Ramirez and Nancy Hernandez for their remarkable contributions to the Milwaukee community.

Close MCW Partners: We also extend congratulations to Peggy Troy, Kevin Newell, Peter Feigin, Coreen Dicus-Johnson and Cathy Jacobson for their continued dedication and partnership.

Being recognized as a Power Broker underscores an individual's professional acumen and their ability to effect change and drive progress within their respective spheres. These individuals serve as the go-to resource for others seeking to navigate complex challenges, spearhead innovative projects or rally support for impactful causes.