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Radiation Biology Researchers Awarded Radiation Research Editors' Award

Guru Prasad Sharma, PhD, and Tracy Gasperetti, BS, have each been awarded a Radiation Research Editors' Award. The awards, which will be presented at the 17th International Congress for Radiation Research (ICRR) meeting being held in Montreal, Canada, are given to a scholars-in-training (SIT) who have published an outstanding paper in radiation research.

Dr. Sharma's research work is focused on studying the molecular mechanisms of radiation-induced acute and delayed tissue injury and its mitigation. Based on his current work, he has published three first-author manuscripts and has been a contributing author on one additional manuscript. The radiation research training has helped him significantly and motivated him to continue to make transformative discoveries in the field of radiation biology. Dr. Sharma is a postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Heather Himburg's lab in the department of radiation oncology.

Tracy is the laboratory manager of Dr. Himburg's lab and has worked with radiation biologist Brian Fish to develop and refine a rat model of multi-organ radiation injury appropriate for testing medical countermeasures for acute and delayed effects of radiation exposure. She has contributed to the authorship of 16 manuscripts in the radiation field including three first-author papers.