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Urology Residency Program

Corey O'Connor, MDThank you for your interest in the ACGME accredited urologic surgery residency training program at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), an accredited five year curriculum (60 months total; 51 months of clinical urology). The Department of Urology supports three (3) residents per year with rotations at Froedtert Hospital, Clement J. Zablocki VA Medical Center, Children’s Wisconsin and two local community hospitals. Located in southeastern Wisconsin, MCW is the largest Urology residency training program in the state and covers a diverse population of urban, suburban and rural communities. Froedtert Hospital is the primary adult academic tertiary care facility affiliated with Medical College of Wisconsin. Children’s is the largest and only free standing pediatric hospital in the state. The VA Medical Center is one of the busiest referral VA hospitals in the region.

One of MCW’s strengths is employing nationally and internationally recognized, fellowship-trained experts in all areas of urology. The faculty consists of 19 urologists, eight physician’s assistants/nurse practitioners and four non-urologists with appointments to the Department of Urology. Our group of specialists provide team-oriented, state of the art instruction in urologic oncology, cryotherapy, endourology, robotics/laparoscopy, pediatric urology, female urology, sexual dysfunction, neurourology, reconstructive urology, voiding dysfunction, andrology/infertility, uropathology and uroradiology.

Additional opportunities within the MCW Department of Urology residency training program include:

  • Basic science and clinical research
  • Community urology rotation
  • Elective urology rotation
  • Medical missions in underserved countries
  • Elective rotations at other academic institutions
  • Dedicated training in urodynamics
  • Research presentations at local, regional and national meetings
  • Research assistance from full-time research nurses and biostatisticians

Upon graduation our residents are adequately prepared for careers in either academic medicine or private practice.

R. Corey O'Connor, MD

Residency Applicants 

Thank you for your interest in applying for a urologic residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). 
Program Description

We offer three (3) residency positions each academic year. The PGY 1 year is a combination of 3 urology rotations and 9 general surgery rotations.  PGYs 2-5 are dedicated to education and training in Urology.

The Urology Residency Program participates in the AUA Residency Match; please see the Match Calendar for important dates and information.  ERAS is used for all applications.

Length of Training
Urology is 60 months of clinical urology education
Program Mission & Program Aim

The Department of Urology at Medical College of Wisconsin is dedicated to the classic academic missions of clinical care, teaching and research. Urology boasts eighteen fellowship-trained physicians with specialty expertise in care across a spectrum of urologic disease processes. Our teaching and research activities are designed to both complement and support our clinical service mission. 

Our program aims to: 

  • Educate residents in all aspects of urology and urologic surgery 
  • Mentor residents in clinical and basic science research 
  • Prepare residents for a career in academic medicine or private practice 
  • Teach residents to be physician educators 

Overall Program goals and objectives: 

  • Education: Educational activities of the residency program will instruct the trainee in the assessment and management of urologic disease. 
  • Clinical Care: Clinical activities focus on secondary and tertiary care and will provide the trainee with a broad experience preparing them for the practice of urology. 
  • Research: Clinical and basic research activities are ongoing in many areas in the department. There is ample opportunity for trainee participation in research. 
  • Teaching Objectives: Humanistic and professional attitudes: To foster development in each trainee of positive humanistic and professional attitudes as essential ingredients of excellence in patient care. Technical skills - To assure acquisition by each trainee of appropriate technical skills and an appreciation of surgical anatomy and physiology.
Residency and the American Board of Urology Certifying Exam
Please see the The American Board of Urology for complete information on American Board of Urology certification examinations eligibility requirements, certification processes, certification components, and for other ABU certification information.

Successful completion of urology residency training which meets ABU expectations and requirements, such as the MCWAH Urology Residency Program, is one element of the ABU Qualifying (Part 1) Examination eligibility requirement. Each resident is responsible for monitoring and completing all requirements and processes necessary for obtaining an ABU Certification.
Our program participates in the American Urological Association Residency Match Program. Eligible residency candidates are those individuals who have:
  • Graduated from a medical school in the United States or Canada, accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME);
  • Graduated from a college of osteopathic medicine in the United States, accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA);
How do I apply to the MCW Urology Residency Program?

We utilize ERAS to manage the application process.

Applicants from US Medical Schools must:

  • In your ERAS application, you must:
  1. Provide three (3) Letters of Recommendation
  2. Provide a Curriculum Vitae
  3. Write a Personal Statement
  4. Provide Medical Student Transcripts
  5. Provide USMLE Step 1 Scores
  6. Provide a Dean’s Letter
  7. Prior GME Training

Failure to provide the above information may cause a delay in consideration or rejection of your residency application.

  • Visiting sub-intern students must apply via ERAS but will NOT be required to participate in a formal MCW urology residency interview

For IMG applicants

IMGs must provide the above information. In addition, among other qualifications, the following documentation must be provided and/or obtained:

  1. Current ECGMG Certification
  2. US Citizenship
  3. US Permanent Resident
  4. J-1 Visa
  5. H1- B Visa
Benefits, Conditions & Terms of Employment
Learn more about living in Milwaukee
Program Contact
Tammy Janik
Urology Education Program Coordinator
(414) 955-0880 |
MCW Urology Residency Applicant Information Summary

Urology Resident Educational Conferences and Rotation Schedule

Monday Conferences
Every Monday, 6:45-7:30 a.m.
Campbell’s Conference – Residents will discuss specific Campbell’s chapters
Wednesday Conferences
Every Wednesday, 7:00-8:30 a.m.
Pre-Op Conference – All patients scheduled for surgery for the following week will be discussed (Monday-Friday). The resident(s) should be prepared to discuss each case, including all pre-op labs and x-rays.
Thursday Conferences
Every Thursday, 7:00-8:00 a.m.
Pediatric Pre-Op Conference

First Thursday, 4:30-5:30 p.m.
GU/Radiology Conference – This conference is combined radiology and urology staff. IVP's, ultrasound evaluations, and CT scans will be presented and discussed.

Second Thursday, 6:30-7:30 a.m.
Pediatric M&M Conference.

Third Thursday, 6:30-8:00 a.m.
Pediatric Journal Club.

Fourth Thursday, 4:30-5:30 p.m.
Adult M&M Conference (combined Froedtert Hospital, Zablocki VA). Whenever possible, the specific cases should be discussed by the resident who assisted at the time of the surgical procedure. If this is not possible, then the chief resident will be responsible for the details of the case.

Fourth Thursday, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Journal Club – This conference is intended to deal with a critical evaluation of clinical and research studies. Discussion will include content, scientific method, and related articles.

Friday Conferences
First Friday, 7:30-8:30 a.m.
Grand Rounds are held on the 1st Friday of each month from Labor Day through Memorial Day at the Hub for Collaborative Medicine

Second Friday, 7:00-7:30 a.m.
Resident – Program Director meeting

Third Friday, 7:00-7:30 a.m.
Hot Spot with Dr. Guralnick

Third Friday, 7:30-8:30 a.m.
GU Tumor Board – Held in conjunction with Hematology Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Pathology and Radiology. The junior residents are expected to prepare and present the cases at Tumor Board

Fourth Friday, 7:30-8:30 a.m.
Faculty Led Didactic Conference

Fifth Friday, 7:30-8:30 a.m.
Didactic Conference
Resident Rotation Schedule

Current Residents

Pranav Dadhich MD PGY 5

Pranav Dadhich, MD

Pranav Dadhich MD

Undergraduate: University of Texas - Austin
Medical School: Baylor College of Medicine
Hometown: Houston, Texas


About Me: I’m a former Texan transplanted to the Midwest and loving my time in it. I’m an avid basketball player, snowboarder, and concert goer. My primary academic interests include men’s health, fitness and nutrition. Other passions include music, healthcare infrastructure, technology and contemplating the meaning of life, beer in hand.

Why I chose MCW: I didn’t know much about MCW coming from Texas; however, upon interviewing here I was immediately drawn to the camaraderie that existed within the department and the excellent surgical training. I wanted to come to place where I would be well trained, work with accomplished academic mentors, and lastly, but perhaps most importantly, enjoy these dynamic years with great people.

Favorite part of Milwaukee: Lakes, rivers, parks, breweries and other outdoor spaces. Milwaukee has become one of my favorite cities. I don’t have a favorite part of the city but I truly enjoy being here and have been happy to call it home for the past few years.

Viraj Maniar MD PGY 5

Viraj Maniar, MD

Viraj Maniar MD

Undergraduate: Indiana University
Medical School: Indiana University

Hometown: Munster, Indiana

About Me: My academic interests include robotic surgery and nutrition. When I’m not training to be a human plumber, I try and stay active with running, cycling, and spike ball. Live music is a passion of mine though I prefer concerts in small venues as opposed to large music festivals. Always looking for new restaurants and breweries to try, and then trying to replicate dishes I like at home in my kitchen. I can’t trust you if you don’t drink your coffee black.

Why I chose MCW: I rotated here as a fourth year medical student and saw the strong relationship between the residents and faculty as well as the strong sense of camaraderie. This work hard, play hard environment was the type of program I was looking for that offered a wide breadth of exposure to urology.

Favorite part of Milwaukee: All the public parks, especially on the lake. There’s so many to choose from and are always accessible. Great craft beer scene and a solid history of beer to enjoy. Finally the people in this city are some of the kindest and friendliest I’ve met in the entire country. Even as a Bears fan they are kind to me.

Robert Medairos MD PGY 5

Robert Medairos, MD

Robert Medairos MD

Undergraduate: Brown University
Medical School: Rush Medical College
Hometown: Stafford, Virginia


About Me: Former defensive mid-fielder, five time adult co-ed indoor soccer champion at Uhlein Soccer complex, producer of music using computer software, endoscopy enthusiast, and hope to pursue fellowship to continue my passion of mentoring, research, and teaching.

Why I chose MCW: The culture and breadth of surgical experience. The people here make it easy to look forward to each day of residency.

Favorite part of Milwaukee: South Shore Park Kitchen & Terrace 

David Charles MD PGY 4

David Charles, MD

David Charles MD

Undergraduate: University of Wisconsin—Madison
Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin
Hometown: Two Rivers, Wisconsin


About Me: I am a rising PGY III and a Wisconsin boy through and through. Often caught speaking colloquial Wisconsin statements with the classic accent. I enjoy all things sports - particularly Packers and Badgers, outdoors with state and national parks, trying local beers, video games. I’m a huge dog lover, aspire to own a Bernese mountain dog some day. 

Why I chose MCW: MCW offers a nice experience of all of the subspecialties, which is very ideal, especially with academics on my mind. The autonomy in our program is very practical for education and our comradery between both residents and faculty is second to none. Lastly, Milwaukee offers everything both a big city and small town person desires - professional sports (NBA, MLB, NCAA), plenty of entertainment, great foods, local breweries and affordable living with minimal headaches of larger cities. 

Favorite part of Milwaukee: My favorite part of Milwaukee is the vast local parks, golf courses and trails with lakefront views. As a big fish fan, the city offers a great fish fry and the innumerable breweries, local festivals make for never ending fun in any of the four beautiful seasons. There is never a shortage of activities to do for all interests from roller derby to monster trucks to mitten fest

Tyler Wittmann MD PGY 4

Tyler Wittmann, MD

Tyler Wittmann MD

Undergraduate: Carroll University
Medical School: University of Wisconsin - Madison
Hometown: Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin


About Me: I enjoy cooking and baking delicious treats. I also love being outside - hiking and exploring state and national parks. I have two rambunctious labradors, Larry and Linda, who demand a lot of activity. I'm a big history buff too and love a good museum, historical home, or a US Presidents question at trivia.

Why I chose MCW: MCW has specialists in every sub-specialty of Urology, providing a broad exposure of experiences, and residents are given a lot of autonomy at Froedtert Hospital, Children's, and the VA. Milwaukee and the surrounding communities add a mix of urban, suburban, and rural aspects to urologic care that is practiced here. The faculty, staff, and residents create a collegial environment that makes it fun to go to work. 

Favorite part of Milwaukee:  Milwaukee is a big city with a small-town feel. There's a wide variety of bars and restaurants for any craving, as well as many indoor and outdoor activities to occupy your time. Festivals throughout the summer are a great chance to explore different cultures, and beautiful state parks are only a short drive away. As far as my favorite part of Milwaukee, it's sharing a fish fry and a brandy Old Fashioned with family and friends on a cold winter night. 

Ray Yong Jr MD PGY 4

Raymond Young, MD

Ray Yong Jr MD

Undergraduate: Carleton College
Medical School: Rush Medical College
Hometown: Elmhurst, Illinois

About Me:
Retired DIII baseball player. Current interests include cooking, indoor plants, and spending time outdoors. Slowly making my way through all of the national parks.
Why I chose MCW: After rotating as a medical student, one of the main things that stood out was the camaraderie among residents, faculty and all members of our urology team. Our Chair describes our department as one big family and that message could not be more representative of the experience here. Our program offers exposure to all specialties, access to a high volume children’s hospital, VA and community experience. What was especially influential as a student was seeing how close the residents were with each other outside of work. It was important to me to find a place where I would have excellent training, exposure to all aspects of urology, and enjoy where and who I was working with and learning from. I know I found that here.
Favorite part of Milwaukee: Simply put, Milwaukee is  awesome. It has everything, from professional sports, easy access to outdoor activities and city life, culinary diversity, and excellent local beer and coffee options. Off days have been spent exploring state parks to kayaking the Milwaukee River, which include pulling off at various river front bars for drinks and snacks. One thing that stands out is the ease of living. There are plenty of options to live downtown or in the suburbs, all within an easy commute to the hospital (yes, including during rush hour). There are local trails everywhere for biking, running or walking, plus new bars and restaurants seem to be opening each week. During the summer, you can typically find a different venue every weeknight for free live music to compliment the many weekend farmers markets and street festivals. Milwaukee has a lot to offer all year round, the best part for me has been exploring all of these opportunities with co-residents, friends and family.

Matthew Kasson MD PGY 3

Matthew Kasson, MD

Matthew Kasson MD

Undergraduate: The Ohio State University
Medical School: Cincinnati College of Medicine
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

About Me:
I really enjoy gardening and spending time outdoors in my free time. I spent a week backpacking through the Pictured Rocks shoreline last fall, and Kettle Moraine State Park close by is great and easily accessible from downtown MKE. My girlfriend Erin and I currently live in the neighborhood of Bayview, which is a bit South of downtown and probably considered to be one of the more eclectic neighborhoods of MKE. Lots of great restaurants and green space nearby, and friendly people. We both enjoy live music as well, which is something Milwaukee pleasantly surprised me with.

Why I chose MCW: A common theme on the interview trail is finding somewhere you “click.” MCW was one of my favorite interview days by far, and I really felt a sense of community in the department. I grew up visiting Lake Michigan and have always felt a connection to this region as well. With regards to the program, MCW easily checked off every one of my boxes in what I was looking for in an institution. I appreciated that I can develop an interest in any field of urology, academic or otherwise, and easily find the support, resources, and exposure I need to be successful here.

Favorite part of Milwaukee: Anywhere on the Oak Leaf Trail, also “Just Art’s Saloon” is a national treasure. I think what has most surprised and taken me in with Milwaukee is the vibrant, local underground events and locations in the various neighborhoods throughout the city. Colectivo Backroom, Turner Hall Ballroom, and the Cactus Club are just a few examples of incredibly intimate live music venues in the city with great shows multiple times per week. Then there's Mitten Fest in the Winter, the Riverwest 24 hour race in the summer, and every street and lakefront festival imaginable really do put together the picture of an incredible town to become a piece of. Milwaukee right now feels like the place we'll be nostalgic over 20 years from now, once the last person from Chicago has finally moved here.

Joseph Lankford MD PGY 3

Joseph Lankford, MD

Joseph Lankford MD

Undergraduate: University of Missouri
Medical School: Rush Medical College
Hometown: Kenilworth, Illinois

About Me: I enjoy spending time physically active and exploring the outdoors: playing golf, biking the lake front trails, beach days, fishing the pier, and pretty much any pick up sport. I like to cook as well as try the many restaurants/bars within Milwaukee. My taste in music is broad, but I particularly enjoy live music- Milwaukee has a variety of great venues, big and small. My go-to TV shows to binge: Parks and Recreation, 30 Rock, New Girl, and Brooklyn 99. My future plans within urology largely remain open this early in my training. There is no single field within urology that I am particularly dedicated to and I am open to both academics and private practice. Outside of my career in urology, I look forward to raising a family and traveling around the world.

Why I chose MCW: Picking/ranking a residency program is as challenging as it is important. Not only a 5-6 year commitment, residency is the launch point of your career in urology. While there are many great programs across the country, I chose MCW for two [main] reasons: 1. The training, and 2. The culture. MCW hosts excellent, skilled faculty members that are dedicated to the well-being of their patients and betterment of their residents. The experiences I had while on an away rotation at MCW, and continue to have as a resident, instilled confidence in my ability to graduate as a prepared and skilled surgeon from this institution. The culture at MCW facilitates a team based environment and promotes cooperative success. We work hard together to ultimately provide the best of patient care, but also to create time and opportunity to expand and grow our lives outside of work. For these reasons, I felt MCW offered the greatest opportunity for me to experience both personal well-being and academic success. 

Favorite part of Milwaukee: I have loved my first year in Milwaukee. It is a great place that offer’s all the amenities of a big city with the accessibility of a small one.

Keerthana Mohankumar MD PGY 3

Keerthana Mohankumar, MD

Keerthana Mohankumar MD

Undergraduate: Indiana University
Medical School: Indiana University
Hometown: New Albany, Indiana

About Me:
I enjoy music, I play the violin and currently trying to learn the piano. Milwaukee has great music venues and I’ve gotten to check out some my favorite bands/discover new bands with my co-residents. Otherwise, I like reading-making my way through Stephen King series, crocheting and painting. Milwaukee has great parks and trails, I enjoy running down by the lake and taking my cat on walks. Our residency holds family dinners and I always look forward to these.
Why I chose MCW: I applied for a sub-I at MCW after hearing high recommendations from staff at my medical school. The residents and attendings really welcomed me to the group and at the end of the month, it felt really difficult to leave. I was impressed by the autonomy the residents had both in the operating room and clinical environment. Our exposure to each field of urology is impressive. Now a year later, this still continues to be true as an intern on the urology service. I often get to be the primary resident in endourology cases and work is fun with this group. The residents and staff continue to invest in me by teaching and mentoring. Even though residency is tough, I am excited to move on to second year-knowing that I have a great group of people around to support me.
Favorite Part of Milwaukee: I enjoy smaller music venues in Milwaukee, these include Collectivo back room, Turner hall and many more. The Oak Leak Trail is great for running/rollerblading and I enjoy the lakefront. There are several smaller beach-fronts that are great to go on walks or just relax at. I’ve been to most coffee shops in Milwaukee and hope to find more. It’s a great city for most things you’re looking for, without all the big city traffic.

Nayan Shah MD PGY 2

Nayan Shah, MD

Nayan Shah MD

Undergraduate: Ohio State University
Medical School: Ohio State University College of Medicine 
Hometown: Hudson, OH


About Me: I enjoy running, golfing and spending time with my wife and dog. We spend lots of time exploring Milwaukee’s park system and shoreline. I also have a lot of fun checking out new bars and restaurants with friends around town. I love to travel and have visited over 20 countries so far and spent 6 months in between undergrad and medical school with my wife in south east Asia. Learning about new cultures and experiencing new places is always something I cherish.

Why I chose MCW: When I came here for my interview I did not really know what to expect. I had never been to Milwaukee and didn’t know much about the city or the program other than it was close to Chicago and also on Lake Michigan. During my interview day I felt so welcomed and found that all the residents and attendings were very friendly and seemed incredibly close with one another. It felt like a big family, and that was the type of program I was looking for. I spent an extra day exploring the city at that time and quickly fell in love with everything it had to offer.

Favorite part of Milwaukee: Milwaukee is an excellent place to live. It is large enough that there is always something going on, things like Tuesday night concerts in Humboldt Park, beer gardens in the summer, Summerfest, other festivals in the winter, the list goes on. There are many beautiful parks and beaches that are just a short drive away. The whole city is accessible and affordable with nothing really more than 15-20 minutes away by car. There are never issues finding parking. People in Milwaukee are especially friendly even compared to other places in the Midwest. It is that combination of activity, accessibility, and friendliness that make Milwaukee such an incredible place to live. 

Brendan Waldoch MD PGY 2

Brendan Waldoch, MDBrendan Waldoch MD

Undergraduate: St. Louis University
Medical School: Tufts University School of Medicine
Hometown: Geneva, IL


About Me: I’ve worked a decent number of jobs over the years including line cooking, non-profit marketing, and soccer refereeing. The most interesting (and dangerous?) of these was over one winter break in college, when I worked in a warehouse breaking down different objects for parts to be sold at junk dealers. With my trusty sledgehammer and screwdriver I stripped precious metals and other useful materials from computers, cars, and all of the old tollbooths from the state of Illinois.

Why I chose MCW: I’m going to reiterate what everyone else here has said: it’s all about the relationships and personalities. The people of MCW radiate kindness and are always wearing smiles so genuine that they can’t be hidden by a mask. On the Urology team specifically there’s a current of infectious enthusiasm that drives me on a daily basis, and the friendliness of my peers is surpassed only by their sense of humor. On my interview here I had a feeling of community and belonging that was unmatched, and I had zero doubt that MCW is where I wanted to be.

Favorite part of Milwaukee: It’s a gem of a city that maintains a hometown feel. The various neighborhoods are distinct but welcoming, the festival scene is unrivaled, the lake is as magnificent as any ocean, and there’s ample green space for all of your outdoor needs. It feels inevitable that Milwaukee will be the next city to break out onto the national scene, and I’m excited for it to get the respect that it deserves. 

Andrew Watts MD PGY 2

Andrew Watts, MD

Andrew Watts MD

Undergraduate: Penn State University
Medical School: Penn State College of Medicine
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD 


About Me: I'm pretty laid back and easy to get along with. Huge Penn State fan and a big sports enthusiast in general. In my free time, I enjoy getting outside and going on hikes, playing golf, or just drink some beers in some nice weather with friends. I also enjoy staying in and watching a good movie or playing some videogames. I like to cook and BBQ- love to try new recipes and foods. Traveling is another favorite of mine. My girlfriend and I love to explore new places, especially different countries, whenever we get a chance. 

Why I chose MCW: Simple, the people. Being from the East Coast I didn't know much about the Midwest or Milwaukee. However, on my interview day, I quickly fell in love with the people and culture here at the MCW Urology program. Everyone in the program got along and gave off the obvious impression that they were all actually friends rather than faking it for interview day. This impression has held true as I have gotten to know everyone better and have become part of the close-knit community that is MCW Urology.

Favorite part of Milwaukee: The beer and views. The craft brewery scene is amazing here in MKE and you can't beat the views from the countless parks along the water. 




Urology Alumni

Where did they go?
Since 2008, approximately half of our graduating residents joined private practices and half pursued fellowship training/academic urology positions

Urology oncology, Laparoscopy/Robotics, Infertility and Andrology, Pediatric urology, Benign Prostate Diseases, Urologic reconstruction, Endourology, and Sexual dysfunction

Fellowship Institutions
University of Chicago, Washington University (St. Louis), Virginia Mason Medical Center, University of Illinois – Chicago, Cleveland Clinic, Medical College of Wisconsin, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Indiana University, Boston Children’s Hospital, University of Connecticut, Children’s National Medical Center, University of Colorado, Loyola University Medical Center
Faculty positions
Johns Hopkins University, Washington University (St. Louis), University of Michigan, Baylor Scott & White, University of Iowa, University of Kansas, Medical College of Wisconsin, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, University of Tennessee - Chattanooga, Children’s National Medical Center, Geisinger 


Frequently asked questions about the Urology Residency Program
Is the program accredited?
The MCW Urology residency program is fully accredited by the ACGME without any compliance violations or citations.
How do the graduating residents score on the written boards?
Since 1999, 100% of MCW urology residency graduates passed the written boards on their first attempt.
Hospital parking is free and on-site.
On call meal vouchers are provided.
Home call (Urology)
Night float?
General surgery only. Urology does not utilize a night float system.
3 weeks/year
Most residents buy or rent within 15 miles of the hospital.
Discounted gym memberships are available at the Wisconsin Athletic Club (WAC)