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Student Health & Wellness

"Nurturing yourself is not selfish - it's essential to your survival and your well-being."
-Renee Peterson Trudeau

Learners have been particularly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, as the interruption of professional education and the disruption of normalcy creates negative outcomes for personal wellbeing. Student Wellness extends an invitation to all MCW students to reach out, seek out resources, and share your needs during this difficult time. Your concerns, requests, questions, and ideas are vital in providing appropriate resources and support. Thank you for your continued interest and actions to improve your personal health and wellbeing.

Student Well-being

Well-being is the state of being comfortable, healthy and/or happy. In the pursuit of obtaining your own personal well-being, there are a number of resources at MCW to help you achieve that. From Academic Support and Enrichment, to Student and Resident Behavioral Health, our office works closely across different sectors to connect you with the tools necessary for your personal and professional well-being.
MCW Resources

MCW Student Behavioral Health Services

  • (414) 955-8933
  • After-hour emergency: (414) 805-6700
  • Learn more

MCW Academic Support and Enrichment

MCW Medical Student Affairs

  • (414) 955-8256

Title IX

MCW Wellness

Well, Well, Well... Podcast

The Medical College of Wisconsin Office of Student Health and Wellness presents “Well, Well, Well…”, where each episode a very special guest and Kerri Corcoran, Student Behavioral Health and Resource Navigator, discuss what it means to be well in the world of health science education.

Listen to the podcast

Nutrition and Fitness Resources

Nutrition Resources

Budget Bytes
This recipe blog’s tag line says it best: my stomach is full and my wallet is too. Healthy eating on a budget.

The Endless Meal
Cooking and recipe blog by a former healthcare professional.

Eating Well
A great nutrition resource with a number of budget-friendly posts.

Spoonful of Flavor
Offers weekly meal plans and has a myriad of great ideas. 

Exercise & Fitness Resources 

Free online yoga and guided meditations for all levels of experience

Tonken's Exercise Center
Located in basement of the Medical Education Building, the exercise center is open 24/7 for students, staff and faculty. 

Stress and Anxiety Management Resources

If you are a student dealing with anxiety or stress and are seeking help (or you know you should be seeking help), pick up the phone and dial (414) 955-8933, or if this is an after-hour emergency, dial (414) 805-6700. Our Student Mental Health service is here to help you.

  • MCW Student and Resident Behavioral Health has a number of great resources on stress management, as well as a great section on resilience and positive psychology.
  • Calm (Three months free)
    Calm is designed to help lower stress, reduce anxiety and more. Offer is for Amazon Prime Student members only; see website for details. 
  • HELPGUIDE.ORG website
    Self-help website with some great resources on stress and anxiety management
  • SDN - Student Doctors website
    This site is a virtual treasure chest of information. A simple search on “anxiety” or “stress” will yield you dozens of articles, forum discussions, etc.
Tonkens Gym

The Ruth & Reid Tonkens Gym is now open for MCW-Milwaukee students. As a response to COVID-19 and to adhere to social distancing standards, there will be a maximum capacity of two (2) people allowed in Tonkens at one time. The space will only be available to students until further notice. 

To promote safety among Tonkens users, the new procedure for the facility is as follows:

  • Tonkens will be available for use in 30-minute or 60-minute blocks.
  • Students will be required to sign up to use the space ahead of time using WCOnline which will be monitored by Student Services. No more than two (2) students will be permitted to sign up for use of the space during a single block. Prior to reserving a session in Tonkens, students will automatically be required to review the new safety features. Students will also receive a confirmation e-mail which reiterates these safety features.
  • Tonkens will be available for use 6:00 am – 10:00 pm, Monday-Friday, except during the following times when the space will be cleaned by the MCW facilities team:
    - 10-11 a.m.
    - 1-2 p.m.
    - 4-5 p.m.
    - Note: Deep cleaning of Tonkens will occur each evening during the third shift period.
  • Approximately half of the equipment will be unavailable for use in order to allow for social distancing.
  • Unsafe equipment or items in poor condition will be removed from the space and discarded.
  • While in Tonkens, users will be required to:
    - Wear mask at all times when entering and while in the space
    - Socially distance 
    - Clean/sanitize equipment before and after use
  • Locker rooms will not be available for Tonkens users at this time.
Monthly Student Wellness Calendars

October 2021 student wellness events:

Assisting a Student in Distress or Crisis
Transportation Resources

Milwaukee County Transit System – Transit Plus Program
Introduction to Transit Plus Program (PDF)

MCW Ride Guide
Ride Guide’s educational videos will show you how to decrease traffic on campus, lower your commuting expenses, and reduce the impact on our environment.

Student Health Insurance

MCW students are required to carry health insurance. Students are free to choose their own health insurance, or they can choose to obtain health insurance through MCW.

Student Benefits Enrollment Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

Medical, Pharmacy and MSA Students
Health insurance coverage is a requirement for all full-time students. You are free to select your health insurance carrier. For your convenience, MCW offers several health insurance plans you can purchase through the school.

Students have access to the plan details, cost and enrollment materials in the “MCW Student Insurance” course in Brightspace (our learning management system). This information is only available to enrolled students. Parents or significant others of a student seeking insurance information can obtain our current rates and plans by requesting them from the MCW Student Health & Wellness Office via email at Please note, any enrollment forms and request for changes will only be accepted if completed and submitted by the enrolled student.

Students who enroll in health, dental, or life & ADD insurance through MCW will be billed for this service on their tuition statements. Your coverage will automatically terminate on June 30 of the year of your graduation.

Students can waive MCW's major medical insurance if the student has health insurance coverage under a domestic partner, spouse, or parent. Proof of coverage is required.
Graduate and MSTP Students

Health insurance coverage is a requirement for all full-time graduate students. If you have been admitted as a full-time PhD degree seeker you are offered enrollment in medical and dental insurance plans. You may exercise the option to add a spouse and or children with the additional cost of coverage deducted from your monthly pay.

The annual premium for single coverage is paid by the college for all full-time students in the PhD programs as part of their fellowship program. Some students are covered under health insurance policies of their parents or spouse and are eligible to be waived from enrollment. Full time degree-seeking MS, MA or MPH graduate students may purchase the student health insurance plan. Each student is responsible for payment of this coverage at registration or through stipend deduction.

Insurance Rates: 2019-2020 (PDF)

Graduate and MSTP Student Enrollment Guide (PDF)

Graduate and MSTP Student Enrollment Form (PDF)

Cobra Insurance

When a student completes his/her studies at the Medical College of Wisconsin, he/she has the opportunity to continue his/her current insurance coverage for a period of up to eighteen (18) months in length via COBRA insurance. The individual selecting to continue his/her insurance coverage in this manner is responsible for all of the payments related to the COBRA insurance.  (See COBRA form for monthly premium costs)

If student would like to ELECT his/her insurance coverage via the COBRA insurance, student will need to submit a check by the 1st of the month, for the premiums covering that month.  The check should be made payable to the Medical College of Wisconsin and mailed to:

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
Medical College of Wisconsin
8701 Watertown Plank Rd.
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Student will have a thirty (30) day grace period in which to make the payment after which, if payment still has not been received the insurance coverage will be stopped for non-payment. Monthly premiums must be made by the first of each month.

Student’s decision to either continue his/her insurance coverage via COBRA insurance, or to waive continuation of his/her coverage will need to be confirmed at the bottom of the form given to student.  Student needs to complete the form, being sure to sign and date it prior to returning form to the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Diane VerHaagh ( at (414) 955-8090 or Christine Schaefer ( at (414) 955-8218.


Student Health Services

Locating a Health Care Provider

All MCW students are invited to locate a physician of your choice in your area, by consulting the American Medical Association's AMA Doctor Finder. Here is a brief video to help you as you begin the process of choosing a provider.

Students seeking care in the Wisconsin area may also refer to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services for more information/guidance about locating a provider.

*You will be responsible for making contact with the provider’s office ahead of your visit to ensure that they accept your particular health insurance.

Please remember that the following services are available to MCW students through the locations listed below:

  • Vaccinations
  • Travel medicine services
  • Assistance with paperwork for away rotations
  • Substance abuse testing (drug and alcohol)
  • Respirator fit testing
  • Animal allergy clearance
  • Drug Testing

MCW-Central Wisconsin
Froedtert Occupational Health | (414) 805-6699 | (available remote services only)
Identify yourself as a MCW-Central Wisconsin Student.
Please contact your campus representative for more information: Kelly Mulder | 715-870-0915 |

MCW-Green Bay
St Norbert College Student Health Resources | (920) 403-3266
Prevea Occupational Health Resources | (920) 405-1420
Identify yourself as an MCW-Green Bay Student and reference order code “Froedtert”
Froedtert Occupational Health | (414) 805-6699 | (available remote services only)
Identify yourself as a MCW-Green Bay Student.

Froedtert Occupational Health | (414) 805-6699 |
Identify yourself as a MCW-Milwaukee Student.

If you have questions please contact us at

Student and Resident Behavioral Health

Welcome! The Medical College of Wisconsin recognizes that its students, residents and fellows work hard and carry many responsibilities. We are aware that the demands of education, training and service to patients can produce a variety of stressors for individuals and their families. Student and Resident Behavioral Health Services provides a comprehensive program to meet these professional and personal mental health needs. We value your dedication and hope you find these resources helpful.

cipriano-davidDavid J. Cipriano, PhD
Associate Professor
Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine
Director, Resident and Student Mental Health Program
(414) 955-8954
(414) 314-3622 (Page)


The clinic is staffed by Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine faculty and staff. Services include psychiatric medication management and psychotherapy including:

  • cognitive behavioral
  • insight-oriented
  • stress management/solution focused
  • couples and family therapy and
  • drug and alcohol counseling.

Common concerns which bring people in include adjustment to the stress of training, anxiety, depression, career concerns, work-life balance, relationship problems and child/adolescent concerns.

Students, their spouse, or their child are entitled to ten (10) free sessions of MCW mental health services, per academic year, at no cost. Residents and fellows are entitled to (3) free sessions of MCW mental health services, per academic year at no cost. Most major medical insurance policies should cover some of the cost after these initial five sessions. Student Mental Health Services is located off site for confidentiality purposes. These services are available only to full-time degree-seeking students.

Contact Us

Students should now contact ComPsych GuidanceResources to establish care. GuidanceResources is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are two ways to contact GuidanceResources:

  1. Call (833) 927-1860 (toll free). You’ll speak to a counseling professional who will listen to your concerns and can guide you to the appropriate services you require.
  2. Visit GuidanceResources Online and enter your company ID

Student and Resident Behavioral Health
1155 N. Mayfair Rd.
Tosa Health Center, Third Floor
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Clinic Hours
Monday - Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. 
** Scheduled appointments outside of normal business hours are also available.
Medical Student Clinic: Thursday afternoons from 1-5 p.m.
Housestaff Clinic: Tuesday evenings from 5-7 p.m. 

Visit the website

Regional Campuses - Central Wisconsin and Green Bay

All students should contact ComPsych GuidanceResources for all mental health services. They can refer you to the appropriate place if you are not sure where to go for mental health services.

GuidanceResources is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week There are two ways to access your GuidanceResources benefits:

  • Call (833) 927-1860 (toll free). You’ll speak to a counseling professional who will listen to your concerns and can guide you to the appropriate services you require.
  • Visit GuidanceResources online and enter your company ID

Central Wisconsin Campus

  • Elmgreen & Associates | (715) 845-7175
    114 Grand Ave., Wausau, WI 54403 or
  • Peaceful Solutions | (715) 675-3458
    741 N. First St., Wausau, WI 54403

Green Bay Campus

Please refer to Behavioral Health Resources for Green Bay (PDF)


Occupational Health

Student Behavioral Health and Resource Navigator

I provide students with a safe and secure space to talk about challenges and work closely to implement solutions. I work within emergent and ongoing situations to assess students’ needs, provide referrals for students with ongoing mental health needs, and serve as a general, wellness resource navigator. In addition to these services, I oversee the successful creation and management of wellness programming and offerings.


Kerri Corcoran, MS, LPC, CSAC

Student Behavioral Health and Resource Navigator

(414) 955-4219

Contact Information

Student Health & Wellness

In response to the escalation of COVID-19, our staff is currently working remotely. We are still available to help by email during normal business hours, M-F 8:00 am-5:00 pm and can arrange virtual alternatives if necessary. Please feel free to reach out via email with any questions or concerns.

(414) 955-4219

Office Hours: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday

Contact Us

MCW Student and Resident Behavioral Health Services

Referral Coordinator: Carolyn Bischel, MS, LPC

(414) 955-8933
(414) 955-6295 (fax)

Referral Hours: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday
After-hours Emergency Contact: (414) 805-6700

Contact Us