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In August of 2018, a group of MCW students, faculty, and staff came together with the goal of uniting our institutional community through a Common Read program. Each academic year, a book will be selected that exemplifies the integration of innovation, reflection, academic discourse and critical thinking. Selected books will be framed by formal and informal events, allowing for engagement with the subject matter in meaningful ways that enrich the reader’s experience. The MCW Common Read Program strives to provide a foundation for conversations around change, compassion, caring and character. The program will culminate annually with a keynote speech given by the book’s author or a representative who can to speak to the themes raised within the chosen book.

It is our distinct hope that each year, and with each new Common Read selection, our boundaries blur a bit more and that students find themselves connecting with residents, faculty with patients, staff with trainees, Green Bay third-year medical students with Milwaukee first-year medical students, and so on. Thank you for being interested, thank you for engaging, thank you for listening and thank you for reading.

A final thanks to all the people who made this program possible:

MCW Common Read Founder: 
Olivia Davies 

Founding Members:
Sarah Benett, Dr. Aurther Derse, Dr. Cassie Ferguson, Dr. Fletcher, Sehr Khan, Scott Lamm, Sophia Lindekugel, Ashley Ng, Dr. Ann Maguire, Dr. Martin Muntz, Gerilyn Olsen, Dr. Wendy Peltier, Zoe Retzlaff, Liz Suelzer

MCW Common Read Logo Creator:
Rushi Patel

MCW Common Read Support Provided By: 
Kern Institute Student Pillar
MCW Dean of Medicine Office